Friday, November 12, 2021


Yesterday evening I attended a memorial event for a friend who passed away a year ago.
It was the first time many of us saw each other in ages, and it was very enjoyable.
There ought to be many more events like that.

Wait. That may have come out wrong.

It turns out that the old gang is a bit fractured. I overheard some negative stuff afterward, which I would far rather not have heard. Which means that I am not as socially smooth and functional as I used to be. But the samosas at the second place were excellent.

As soon as he heard where I was going, the turkey vulture wished to tag along. Even after being informed that there would only be ashes there. He proposed bring along a yard stick to measure the other attendees. Statistically, one of them was bound to snuff it soon.
Someone, it is to be hoped, with fatty thighs. Nice juicy fatty thighs!

"Don't forget to take your pocket knife", he hollered as I left, "you'll regret it if you mis an opportunity!" Surely just a little "trimming" for "souvenirs" wouldn't be taken amiss?

If I had taken him, he would have spent time going up to each attendee and pinching them, to see if they were plump and juicy enough for me bop 'em over the head.

I'm duty bound to bring the turkey vulture to the next such commemoration.
The little fellow won't let me hear the last of it if I don't.
He says we need a carrion-eater there.
He would know.

He says there ought to be many more events like that.

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