Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A reader sent me an e-mail recently, saying “I saw your latest – do you HAVE to be such a pervert?!?
Evidently yesterday’s post struck her as more than a little deviant.

I’ve thought about it. Seriously.
The answer to her question is ‘yes, Steffy, I really do’.
The reason is simple. Women are hot. I like their personalities too, precisely because they are women; if I wasn’t attracted to the fairer sex, they would just be people. There’s nothing special about that.

But women, that’s a different matter.

Fascinating creatures. I could sit in the bushes all day ogling them. Bugger the discomfort, the view is splendid!

It’s a question of aesthetics, but also of attractive character traits. Women act differently than men. Especially feisty women. There’s nothing quite so charming as a little spitfire telling some yutz her unvarnished opinion of him on the street. Feminine ire, well expressed, adds warmth and light to the world.
Truly, a women should be like a chilipepper, small and fiery.

So yes, Steffy, I will admit it. I am perverse.
I like hot spices, strong tobacco, Scotch whisky, herring, and fierce little females.
As long as none of those run out, I can be happy in this world.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


You’ve probably already figured this out – I am an immense sexist.
I like women who do not drink alcohol. At least not on a habitual basis in bars.
By this I do not mean necessarily women who cannot drink – teenagers are sooooo cute when they first realize it makes them redfaced and woozy (PERVERT ALERT!) – but I prefer women who maintain frequent sobriety, and socialize outside of the dank and seedy drinking holes so beloved by me and my ilk.

Bars are a halfway house between work and home. Do not distract me with your feminine intoxication – your femininity can be quite intoxicating enough without the lure of rum.

I bring this up for two reasons:
1. Several coworkers mentioned their favourite alcoholic beverages during lunch – vodka, red wine, white wine, champagne, Midori sour, beer. Only the last one was masculine.
2. Things I remember doing when inebriated.

You do not need any details of the second one, so I shall not mention an obscene proposition to the mother of a drinking buddy back when I was fifteen, or spoiling all chances of a date with a bargirl by barfing into the cookie tin when I was seventeen. The drinking age in Holland is lower than here, in case you didn’t know.

The point is, I know what I was like when drunk in my younger years.
So I quake at the thought of some lady as blotto and as foolish.

If three martinis could make me pass out in the bathroom of a hamburger joint, what would they do to someone who only weighs ninety pounds?
The double gin and tonics that made one night surreal more than twenty years ago? They were strong enough to knock a small person right off her feet. I think they emptied the bottle into my glass that evening, it was a miracle that I got home in one piece. Not at all likely that a nice girl could have managed that.
Celebrating the national flags of Europe with layered drinks? By the time we got to Sweden (blue Curaçao float on top of sweet lemon-licorice liquer, no garnish), I could neither see straight nor sit straight – and I have no recollection of the next two days.

Seriously, I worry about women swilling bottles of champagne at a bar.
It just doesn’t look ladylike once you slide to the floor, and there are some real swine out there.


It is far better that nice young ladies get plotzed in private than in public. You cannot trust the male (or lesbian) stranger not to take advantage of you – unfamiliar people get the most depraved ideas!
At least you know who I am.

When you slump, you'll be in good hands.

If you insist on indulging in strong drink instead of getting zipped to the eyebrows on caffeine, I will be glad to mix you up a cocktail or two. Or three. Or four.
Just let me know.

No, you cannot trust me. Your parents were right about that. But I have whiskey.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Consider this a youtube Monday - sort of a takeoff of e-kvetcher's Music Monday.

There is no music here. Just raccoons.

This first one shows a raccoon eating kitty treats:

Raccoons also like light:

And here are a whole bunch of raccoons who just want some ice cream:

One has to sympathize.
It is very human of them to want ice cream, I too want ice cream.

I would share my ice cream with them (if there were any raccoons around right now), if only they would agree to eat it like civilized people - with a spoon.
It just tastes better with a spoon.

At this point I am fairly certain that an entire colony of raccoons occupy the abandoned church a block away. The place is boarded up and there's a warning to stay off the premises. There used to be street people sleeping on the steps, and people would leave small food items there.
The street people are gone, but the small food items still get left.
That has to mean that raccoons have taken over.
No, they didn't eat the street people.

Raccoons in the Bay Area are adept at undoing latches, locks, and loose planking, and they are not particularly shy around humans. This is a tolerant part of the world.
They assume that if they don't bother us, we won't get scared or start panicking and screaming.
Eventually they will find a use for us - they're certain of it.
And maybe we'll stop insisting on spoons.


Here's a raccoon with a sharp eye for 'recycling' opportunities:

Betcha his pad is very comfy. He probably also has some furniture he "borrowed" from somewhere, and an icebox (or hot plate).
Plus some spoons.

Friday, June 25, 2010


In the middle of the city one is not far from nature. Not only the rabid drunks on Polk Street, but also the raccoons and feral cats on Nob Hill. Plus other creatures that have acclimatized to the human environment; rodents, possii, birds of prey, the occasional urban coyote, small greasy things with round eyes, and parrots.

This morning there were several noisy crows outside the livingroom window. In the half-dark of a foggy dawn they called to each other from the trees behind the houses and from the eaves of neighboring buildings.

I've always found the presence of numerous crows remarkable; I had not seen so many till I returned to California years ago - crows are not very common in densely packed Netherlandish towns.

Once, as the car turned into the parking lot of our office in Palo Alto, an eagle clutching a dead rabbit swooped low over the asphalt, pursued by a tribe of angry crows who wanted his breakfast. Their parking lot, their nesting grounds, ergo their dead rabbit. Now hand it over, thief!

Several years ago I remember two crows coming upon pigeons worrying a still-sealed bag of cookies at the bus stop in front of our building.
Calmly they landed, strolled over to the frantic smaller birds, and shooed them away. They had the tools to open the bag, they were big, dark, and dignified - it just stood to reason that they would dine first. Though vastly outnumbered they were confident that the others would see it their way.
They were right.

Ten minutes later the pigeons were permitted to squabble over the crumbs, as two visibly fatter black presences lumbered into the air, to perch replete on a nearby window sill.

About a year ago a crow landed a few yards ahead of me, giddy at having spotted both a nice piece of pizza and some fresh furry roadkill. Once it was clear to the bird that I wasn't interested in these delicacies, it had to decide which to "play with" first. It frantically hurried back and forth between them, perhaps worried that some other creature might lay a claim. Then it cut the Gordian knot by simply picking up the roadkill, carrying it over, and carefully placing it on top of the pizza.

When I got to my front door I looked back, and saw that a companion had arrived. They ate together like old friends, stepping around the banquet for a better pecking angle without getting in each other's way or blocking access to the feast.

They vocalized while they ate. A sort of low contented gurgling. It may have been small talk.

That evening I forewent supper - I envied those two their cozy picnic.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


One of my correspondents asked me recently how I ended up connecting with some of the people on my blogroll and on Facebook. The glib answer, of course, was that they were attracted by my immense personal magnetism.

It is really something else, though.


I am not a very social person, nor particularly socially adept. And while I am relatively comfortable in the presence of other people, I don’t consider myself good at conversations that include more than one other person.
In actual fact, many of my conversations are near-monologues, and my significant other sometimes tells me “shut up or I’m clobbering you!”.
Most of my friends probably wish to say the same.

Many of my best interactions are on the internet, and via the superficial semi-anonymity of meaningless small talk in bars and coffee shops.

Either that, or placing collection calls all across the country, and jollying my customers into paying those invoices or they may not receive new product in time for Father’s Day/the season/Halloween/Chanuka/Chinese New Year.
Demanding money is an excellent conversational gambit, and the resulting exchange is naturally self-limiting. Perfect.

I skulk, I stalk, and I glower. At rallies or parties I head toward the edge of the crowd.

And yes, I am very comfortable doing so.

One on one. No other people.
It’s not that I don’t like you. I actually think you’re a splendid person.
And I am very tolerant of others, really.
It’s just that I if I have to talk, it helps if I do all the talking.
Even though I don’t know what to say.

So the answer to the question is that if someone has an interesting internet presence, and through their blog, commentary, or peccadilloes displays intelligence and interesting quirks, I will be immensely attracted to them, even if we have not met. And if their writing displays both wit and knowledge, so much the better.
Sparkling minds are wonderful to know.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Several months ago I sent some rules for blogging to various people. Ideas about how to write, and how to make sure that what you write is worth reading. Not so much about grammar or subject.
Just one stylistic note: avoid using the same words too close together in a paragraph unless you wish to make a comparison.

Under the subheading “LOOK STUFF UP”, I wrote:
Para ONE: When you see embedded links in Wikipedia, ALWAYS click on them; read that article and click on its links, then go back to the first and continue reading.
Para TWO: If you read a sentence that seems difficult and clumsy, rephrase what it says for yourself.
Para THREE: Assertions beg to be questioned - always.
Para FOUR: If something is said, find out the source. Where did that statement come from, on what basis was it said.
[Notes to 4: "Rabbi Elazar said, in the name of Rabbi Chanina: "He who says something in the name of the one who said it brings redemption to the world, as it is written: "and Esther said to the king, in the name of Mordechai" (Megillas Esther 2:22: 'vatomer Ester la-melekh beshem Mardokhai')."]
Para FIVE: If you are going to say something, be prepared to defend it.
Para SIX: Only idiots make unfounded assertions.
Para SEVEN: It is better to make a few points well, than many badly.

One of the addressees was Steffy Chou, who blogs here:

She took the instruction to heart, and today applied it to a post by The Bray of Fundie, aka Hamavdil.

She didn't have particularly much to say about what he wrote, but instead researched a number of Yeshivishe locutions that he used.

Here is how she explained one word: "Bren = Fire. A burning. What Ada and Van felt in a book by Nabokov. Here it is connected to Bais Yakov girls, and totally clean."


Nice little fourteen year old girls are NOT supposed to know about that! It was bad enough that she read Lolita - that must have been a traumatic experience.
[Last year she reviewed the book, in five parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, plus a prolegomena.]

Since then I have detected traces of Nabokovian phrasing in her blogposts. In some ways that is disturbing, but it also provides an absolutely delicious frisson; reading the little minx is a 'not-quite-guilty' pleasure.

But if she also read Ada, then she is in way over her head!

"Ada tells the life story of Van Veen, and his lifelong love affair with his sister Ada. They meet when she is eleven (soon to be twelve) and he is fourteen, believing that they are cousins (more precisely: that their fathers are cousins and that their mothers are sisters), and begin a sexual affair. They later discover that Van's father is also Ada's and her mother is also his. "

Stuff like that is far too depraved for a fourteen year old.
Farewell to innocence, it isn't even suitable for an adult!

I think I was twelve when I read it.

That alone should warn people.



Lolita and Ada were for many years my favourites among Nabokov's oeuvre. Since weaning myself away from perversions, I have preferred his memoir (Speak, Memory), which is considerably cleaner.
The nictitating grasses he saw in Chapter 7 still wink as much at him as they do at my mind's eye, however the lepidopterism that permeates much of his personal life from his youth onward is not my affliction.
Still, Nabokov is not suitable for a teenager!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Fellow blogger Hamavdil (The Bray of Fundie) wrote:
"I know that I am the boy who cried wolf as I have called for your attention saying "hey come look at me" more times than you'd care to count but TODAY I REALLY mean it.
Please be so kind as to read, comment on, cross-post, spread by email today's post on my blog.
I really feel as though I've "scooped" something here and that the news needs to be spread. "

[End quote]


Chaim posits a rather interesting concept - good habits and actions done because one recognizes that they are good (and thus actually merit doing), not because anybody else recognizes that one does them - but he also suggests that diet (and not just food-diet) contributes strongly to doing good/being good/thinking good.

Ignore, for the time being, that precisely that would exclude things much loved by many Gentiles - Jews think of those foods differently, and consequently if they actually desire them, do so in conflict with their "nature" (or their nurture, if you don’t hold by certain concepts).

Hamavdil also writes:
" ... this is not an appeal for promoting the Hekhsher Tzedek but a call to parents of school age children in particular to improve their business ethics for to what avail is a steak purchased from an "Ethical" meat-packer if the dollars used to purchase it were obtained through a Ponzi Scheme?"
[End quote]

Read here and discuss, zeit azoy git.

As usual, if you need a quick and dirty explanation of Yeshivish vocabulary items, feel free to ask.

Please note that this blogger himself does not connect treif (strictly in the food-related meaning of the term) with shlechte middos.
Though, if you hold by kashrus (and knowingly eat nishtkashrusdikke substantsiyen), it very well might be.


Apparently we need to play well with others in the pro-Israel camps here in the Bay Area. We are, it has been said, control freaks, and we stifle the creativity and voices of the masses by trying to keep the racist garbage out.

Per the studied opinion of at least one person, we’re a nuisance to the pro-Israel side. Given that the person with that opinion is a rabid nutball who is stridently to the right of Jerry Falwell, you can imagine what her idea of Hasbara is.

Several other people think that we’re politically correct – offensively so. They refuse to work with us unless they have control over the message. We’ve heard them scream threats and obscenities, so I'm really curious what the big giant "F" they think the message actually may be.

Several of these fellow travelers have made clear that they believe us to be ineffective middle-aged putzes, albeit still arguably with some degree of useful idiocy. At least TWO steps up from fertilizer.

They march to their own drum.
Often that seems to be doing nothing except sitting in a drum circle, sometimes that means embarrassing crap that I want no part of (especially when it is bitter hindsight that tells me I should have wanted no part).

[NOTE: The “Paid Jews” (PJs) have much the same masturbatory talents as the loose cannons, though they concentrate more on talking to the already converted and winning friends among "Jewy-Jew-Jews" and PJ wannabes. Both the PJs and the "other activists" are usually nowhere around when you need them. But at least the PJs have a history, whereas the "other activists" are a very recent phenomenon.]

Now we're being asked to 'open up' and 'work with' the other "activists" on the common cause.


There are three examples which demonstrate their approach:
1. Pro-Israel demo on a Sunday afternoon in front of the consulate last year.
2. Union square demo which we organized, they claimed credit for.
3. Recent pro-Israel demo in front of consulate free of any and all Palestinian presence.

The first was like the tree falling in the forest (the financial district is completely empty on a Sunday afternoon, there was no press, there were no passers-by), the second was our effort and their hot air, the third was a rather pointless and ineffective feel-good thing.

All I intend at this point is to studiously non-communicate with them.
I don't like morons sabotaging the message.


Street Zionism 2006, Street Zionism 2007, Street Zionism 2008, Street Zionism 2009, Street Zionism 2010.


Monday, June 21, 2010


On Sunday morning, at five thirty, a number of anti-Israel activists gathered at on the Oakland docks to form a picket line to prevent the unloading of an Israeli ship.

The only problem was that they picketed the wrong ship. It wasn’t an Israeli ship, but a Chinese ship. The Israeli ship didn’t arrive till evening.

QUOTE: “Some 500 anti-Israel protestors arrived at the Oakland, California port early Sunday morning, hoping to block an Israeli ship from unloading its cargo. However, the ship did not arrive, and the crowd prevented workers from unloading a Chinese ship instead.”


Proving that longshoremen aren't stupid, the dockworkers decided not to endanger themselves by tackling with the rabble.

QUOTE: "Free, free Palestine! Don't cross the picket line!" the picketers shouted – and in fact, the longshoremen chose not to clash with them, for fear of “getting into fistfights,” a union leader said. No one was arrested."

Smart move. Some of Dick Becker's cronies are undoubtedly diseased, in addition to being dim.


What's also very amusing is the varied reportage of the numbers. According to one article on Indymedia, over a thousand protestors showed up.
One thousand angry people. At five thirty in the morning. To protest an Israeli ship. Which wasn't there.

Pretty much the same source then avers that it was five hundred people. Or three hundred.

QUOTE 1: " This morning was the first half of a victory. 1,000 picketers from around the SF Bay. The first shift for unloading the Israeli ZIM Line ship was cancelled. "

QUOTE 2: " Just left the Oakland Docks where 300 people are blocking the entrances to two gates into the berth where the Israeli Zim cargo ship is to be unloaded. The action started this morning at 5:30am PST. The longshore workers are scheduled to start their shift at 7:00 and 8:00 am this morning. "

Source for BOTH quotes:

The photos accompanying the Indybay articles show about two hundred people:

Please note the Turkish flags. It would be interesting to find out whether the Bay Area anti-Israel crowd now also has links to the Turkish government, in addition to their connections to Hamas, Hezbollah, as well as reported funding from the Saudis and Qatar, inter alia.

" ... Jess Ghannam of Free Palestine Alliance and Richard Becker of the ANSWER Coalition ... "

Most of the signs carried by the protestors were provided by International ANSWER (tel. 415-821-6545).

[Non-union disruption of legitimate commerce sponsored by: Labor/Community Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People: Arab American Union Members Council, ANSWER- Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, Palestine Youth Network, US Palestine Community Network, Al Awda- Right to Return Coalition, Arab Youth Organization, MECA-Middle East Children's Alliance, SJP-Students for Justice in Palestine, AROC-Arab Resource and Organizing Center, ISM-International Solidarity Movement, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, International Socialist Organization, Peace and Freedom Party – SF & Contra Costa Counties, Transport Workers Solidarity Committee, Bay Area US Labor Against the War, Bay Area Committee for Peace and Justice, Barrio Unido, Movement for Unconditional Amnesty for All Immigrant Workers, National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupation, Friends of Deir Ibzi’a, Socialist Viewpoint, FMLN in Northern California, San Jose Justice for Palestinians, Code Pink – SF, World Can’t Wait – SF, International Action Center, Uhuru Solidarity Movement, Skyline Against Cuts, Industrial Workers of the World – SF, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Social Justice Committee, Party for Socialism and Liberation, QUIT!- Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, Fred Hirsch, Executive Board Member of Plumbers & Fitters Local 393 & Delegate to South Bay Labor Council, Progressive Democrats of the East Bay, La Voz de los Trabaja-dores, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism – No. Calif., National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, and many labor activists in the Bay Area, and others. ]

Among the organizers, which also included all the usual Jew-haters, one group deserves especial notice: The Transport Workers Solidarity Committee - members of ILWU #34, 10, and 6. They include Railroad workers, Airline Mechanics , and Inboatmens Union, Ferry and Tug sailors affilated to the ILWU and the West Coast merchant seamen union.

Apparently none of these people actually knew when what boat was arriving where.

Not surprising, really - they tend to ignore facts.

NOTE: This article is cross-posted HERE on Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers (PIBB).
Check PIBB often for articles relating to Israel and the current state of politically correct Jew-hate in the San Francisco Bay Area, the most anti-Jewish region in the country.
It's "enlightened"........ and pleased with itself for being so.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Once a week a friend and I end up at a karaoke bar in C'town. We've been going to the same place for about two decades now, except for a three year period while the building was being made earthquake safe.

By the time we arrive it is late, and the owner has had a few. She used to drink cognac, now she drinks tequila. Her changing tipple has not been a good idea, as the high price of cognac meant a greater degree of temperance, or leastways a more careful approach to shots. Mexican crime juice, on the other hand, is cheaper, and affects the brain differently. Key Dutch words that come to mind are 'lodderzat', 'bezopen', and 'zo dronk als een garnaal'.

[Zo dronk als een garnaal means 'as drunk as a prawn'. Why Dutch prawns are plastered I do not know. It's a profound mystery.]

Several weeks ago one of her friends persuaded her to sing a karaoke song.
Until that moment I had not known that she could not sing.

After the first couple of lines, another friend took over. A mercy for both the song and the listeners.
The other friend can sing very well.

The song is actually quite sweet.


我沒忘記, 你忘記我


[Paraphrasis: "I have not forgotten, but you have; you even mispronounced my name! Back then you always wanted to be with me, but what can you say now? You told me that you would be back in a day or two, but you didn't return for an entire year; those 365 days were hard to endure. There is no place in your heart for me, I demand that you give me back the love I wasted!"]

The singer in the clip above is Theresa Teng, who died fifteen years ago at 42 years of age. It was said that her voice was intoxicating, both sweet and pleading at the same time.

As I said, the bar owner is not a gifted singer.
Neither am I -- I will frankly admit that I couldn't hold a tune if it were stapled to my tongue.
For the record, I have only sung one song (月亮代表我的心) at that bar in the twenty years that I have been going there.
It, too, was a Theresa Teng piece.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Something Savage Kitten said yesterday made me realize that I am indeed a pervert. And I’m comfortable with that, as it also clarified that I am not a degenerate.
It all has to do with clothing.

Like many men, I am a bit of a slob as regards my personal appearance. As long as I’ve shaved recently, am fully dressed, and don’t reek too ferociously, I feel confident and comfortable. Pants that aren’t raggedy or stained with coffee and spaghetti sauce, shoes that aren’t falling apart, and a clean shirt that has all its buttons – I’m good to go.

Women, on the other hand…….

Fortunately, the craze for muffin-top pants seems to be dying down, and it’s been ages since I saw a plumber’s crack on a young lady. There are still far too many girlies exhibiting their tattoos and piercings, but even that has diminished somewhat – there’s no point in showing off what an original and unique free spirit you are when everyone else also has sunburst tattoos on their rump, a rose next to their belly button, and five pieces of metal in their face.

This year’s excess is cleavage.

Blouses with such low necklines that I can see all the way down to your belly button.

What on earth happened to shirts that simply looked clean and neat?
You know, Oxford cloth. Why can’t women wear nice normal clothes? What happened to looking like a scholarly young miss or a serious young lady?

There is nothing quite so darling as a girl wearing a shirt. However it is worn, whether tucked into a pleated skirt, or casually over jeans, or even quite informally – bikini briefs, a man’s dress shirt, luscious young legs, hair slightly tousled – the effect is exceedingly feminine. There’s just something about the way cotton shirt cloth falls that makes it perfect. Twixt statuesque and huggable. Classic, and classically adorable.

Plus the fabric contrasts so very nicely with the skin!

Silk, and fine lace edging, are also in this category; they too pair perfectly with the dermis.
Wool, not so much.

Trampy thin material that isn’t opaque, while it lets all of us elderly creeps know your exact bra size, is not recommended. Deep décolletage, unless you’re trolling for desperate married men, just isn’t suitable. Not around the office, nor in the cocktail lounge.
The dress shirt, by its clean crisp appearance, suggests that there are still secrets that you keep, and hidden charms that might be discovered upon closer acquaintance. Advertising all your attributes from the outset strips you of any mystique, and suggests that there is nothing else about you worth discovering.

Like the naughty black lace garter belt, whose presence may be inferred from the way your stockings pull, your girlish cleavage and youthful curves must be covered.
A bonbon should be wrapped, not exposed to flies.


Fellow blogger The Bray of Fundie (HaMavdil) alerts me to the situation of Matt Fenster, a 35-year old lawyer and father of four from Riverdale, who has acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).
on April 21 he was diagnosed - now a bone marrow transplant may offer the only chance for survival.

"By making a contribution to the Matt Fenster Donor Circle, additional donors will be registered as potential bone marrow matches for Matt. The more donors, the better the chance of finding a match for Matt and others waiting for life-saving bone marrow transplants."


"While finding a match for Fenster will truly mirror winning the lottery, organizers have emphasized the broader benefits of the drive.
It’s not likely that [it’s] going to find a match for Matt,” Weidberg said. “But it is likely that it’s going to find a match for somebody.
Over 6,000 Americans are currently in need of a bone marrow transplant, and national registries provide a constantly growing collections of potential donors."


Public Service Announcement video on Bray's blog:

Also here:

From Wikipedia:
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML), also known as acute myelogenous leukemia, is a cancer of the myeloid line of blood cells, characterized by the rapid growth of abnormal white blood cells that accumulate in the bone marrow and interfere with the production of normal blood cells. AML is the most common acute leukemia affecting adults, and its incidence increases with age. Although AML is a relatively rare disease, accounting for approximately 1.2% of cancer deaths in the United States,[1] its incidence is expected to increase as the population ages.

The symptoms of AML are caused by replacement of normal bone marrow with leukemic cells, which causes a drop in red blood cells, platelets, and normal white blood cells. These symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, easy bruising and bleeding, and increased risk of infection."

Rabbosai, this isn't like internet dating; if you register as a donor, the pay-off is much, much better. And, if they find a match for you, the feeling of satisfaction will be even greater yet; it will change your life.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Pursuant yesterday's post, which was entitled 'naughty round heads', a friend in Israel sent me the following:

Security Warning!
Attempting to access a web site that violates organizational policy!
The URL was blocked, it is in the Restricted Pornography category.

Frankly, I'm baffled. I am not pornography, honest! I do not even know how to embed pictures!
Was it the mention of round heads? I assure you no heads were shown, round, naughty, or otherwise.

"The internet exists for six things: kitten pictures, recipes, salacious imagery, slamming Israel, talking about space aliens, and bad grammar."

Nor were any acts of a pornographic nature even described. I expressly clarified that pornography was NOT the subject of that post, and avoided mentioning in ANY way the kissy lipped short, round-headed brunettes with delicate hands, dark sparkling eyes, and smooth clear skin, that are the objects of so much teenage male fantasy.


Yes, I did mention camels. To be precise, underage camels, with "sleek well-muscled hindquarters", naughty naughty racing camels, with "nicely veined haunches" and deep deep eyes. But that was, errrrrrrrm, a metaphor. It was meant symbolically. As a literary device.
What people might do to those camels was in no way even suggested.

And for the record, there was NO mention AT ALL of mares, heifers, reflex ovulators, does, bitches, broodhens, dolphins of either gender........

No whips, chains, restraint devices, cuffs, leather straps, giant rubber objects, balloons, flexible plastic pants, clysters, tarpaulins, buckets of vanilla pudding, itch powder, olive oil.......


It was probably one of my cleanest posts yet, and I'm offended that some illiterate firewall overseas decided, entirely on its electronic own, to label my casual literary efforts as 'pornography'!
Such a fierce and unwarranted critique!


This blog is about many things - matters edible, aesthetic, linguistic, and political - but it is not about SEX.
Well, not often.
Feel free to read all the way back to the beginning to see if you can spot more than half a dozen mentions of congress or plastic wrap.
Please consider that a challenge.

On the other hand, if you want to print me out, rub me all over your shapely body, and send me the video of your lovely self doing that, I shall be more than happy to review it for artistic and titillatory qualities.
If you are youngish, shorter than me, and round headed, with dark hair and sparkly eyes, so much the better.

I am not interested in camels.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Today I am manfully resisting the temptation to write about pornography, much as I wish to explore the subject. The reason being that there is far too much pornography on Jameel's blog, in the comments section.
It is a fascinating discussion, with much profound expertise being flung back and forth.
Research, intensive research, has been done.

Pornography, though utterly intriguing, is not the subject here.
Therefore I shall not mention short, round-headed brunettes, nor delicate hands, and dark sparkling eyes. Smooth clear skin, and kissy lips.
Naked or not.

Nor even, despite much demand, underage camels, with sleek well-muscled hindquarters - the object of desire, apparently, for many in strange parts of the world.

For the love of Allah, will no one think of the underage camels??!!????!!??

Gevalt-hu akbar!

Of course, now that I have mentioned smut in some detail, anything else I write about today will likely fade into insignificance. I cannot write about pipe-tobacco, because in comparison to lovely videos of sweet young things performing staggering acts with gay abandon, that subject will seem shallow - many of my readers are not that interested in pipe-tobacco even at the best of times.
By the same token I cannot write about fabulous pork dishes - porn and pork don't go together, and you probably cruised in here to get away from treif anyhow.
How about Chinese Poetry?
Why, that brings up pork and porn again! Or at least it does in some people's minds.
Mine, for instance.


Stockton Street, Chinatown, San Francisco. A lovely sunny afternoon (yesterday).
Delicate maidens, short and round-headed, wearing airy summer dresses, or light blouses.
A gentle zephyr ruffles their fine dark hair, creating trailing clouds of gossamer mahogany behind each well-sculpted head.

At one o'clock I ducked into a bakery for a dowsabao and a kaleikok, tongmai yat pui ka-fey. While lunching I noticed that there were misspellings in both languages on the menu - some unauthorized short forms of Chinese characters, plus "moose". Moose?

Moose?!? Moose?!!?!!?

The kaleikok was mediocre, the dowsabao was too big. I did not try the moose.
Upon leaving, I had difficulty not thinking of the petite and shorter than me female forms so omni-present on Stockton Street, with the tapered little fingers, small feet, and sparkling eyes.
They surrounded me, but I controlled my bestial urges.

I did not even once think of naughty naughty racing camels, with nicely veined haunches and deep deep eyes!

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Friday, June 11, 2010


Bumpersticker on a car parked in front of the office today:
"Use an accordion, go to prison -that's the law!"

Which can mean only one thing: hot links!

Nathan Abshire - Jolie Blond

Balfa Brothers - La Dance Des Mardi Gras

NOLA Saints

The Louisiana Cajun is alive and well. He is up front and main stream. He is not asking for any special treatment.
[Judge Edwin Hunter]

Yeah, I know - that third link is Zydeco. It's still boudin.


Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) describes itself as a diverse and democratic community of activists inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, and human rights, supporting the aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination. They seek "an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem" and oppose Israel Defense Forces operations in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

[Source: ]


In practice, Jewish Voice for Peace is a pro-Palestinian group nominally composed of Jews. They are co-enablers and fellow-travelers of the more rabid anti-Israel activists and organizations, apologists for the excesses of both the pro-Palestinians as well as Hamas.

Their members usually stand with SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine), Women in Black, Codepink, and International A.N.S.W.E.R. at anti-Israel rallies here in the Bay Area.

Given their (JVP's) presence at protests where the other pro-Palestinians chanted "ba ruh ba dam nafdeek ya Falastin" ('with our souls and our blood we will redeem you oh Palestine' - reflecting the desire to stake their lives, and implicitly swearing to use violence), "itbach al Yahud" ('slaughter the Jews'), "kahybar khabar ya yahud, jaish-e Muhammad saya'ud" ('Khaybar Khabar, oh Jews, the gang of Muhammad will return!'), "Falastin bladna wa'l Yahud kalabna" ('Palestine is OUR land and the Jews are our dogs'), "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" (say, ain't there a country called Israel in between?), "down down Israel" (um, I guess that's pretty clear, huh?), and where speaker after speaker advocated the destruction of Israel, the expulsion of Jews from the land (and, once even, from Oakland), spoke about sending the Israelis back to Russia, and so on and so forth, those 'Jews' in JVP have absolutely NO plausible deniability.

They have stood side by side with people screaming for murder, ethnocide, and the violent overthrow of both the Israeli government and the US government.

Solidarity be damned, they need to be judged on their causes and their comrades.


Many of their members also overlap into other organizations, such as the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the Arab Resource Organizing Committee, Students for Justice in Palestine (rabidly anti-Israel AND venomous, despite the Jews who are members), the ISM, Meca, and others. Plus of course QUIT and BAWIB - also ennablers and apologists.

Not only do many of these organizations and individuals oppose the policies of the Israeli government, they oppose the very existence of Israel. The only Israel they will even consider is a rump-state, without Jerusalem, without Galilea, without the Negev, and without the Golan. Many even argue that Tel Aviv needs to be returned.

In their eyes, terrorism is justified as the natural response of the repressed natives, both righteous and perfect, and quibbling about Jewish civilian deaths is merely a form of racism and Nazism.

Several of them advocate a socialist paradise in lieu of two states, the complete return of anyone who ever called himself a Palestinian Arab, and the repatriation of American and Russian Jews. Some even argue that only Middle-Eastern Jews should be allowed to remain, and that the official language be Arabic only.

JVP'ers will happily stand with supporters of murder and terrorism, basking in the glow of solidarity and self-righteousness.

Like many organizations composed of hypocrites and weasels, their name does not betray their loathsomeness - that only comes with exposure to their methods and their street-side rhetoric.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday an anti-Israel resolution was introduced by SF supervisors John Avalos, David Campos, Chris Daly and Sophie Maxwell. It is scheduled for a vote on Tuesday June 15th.

[John Avalos: District 11. David Campos: District 9. Chris Daly: District 6. Sophie Maxwell: District 10.]

Steffy (Infectious Asian) posted the contact information for all the supervisors here:

She writes:
"Meddling in international affairs is typical of San Francisco. But if San Francisco is going to rampage all over the purview of the US State Department, surely the SF Board of Supervisors should be aware that there might be consequences?"

The following supervisors would benefit immensely from facts and feedback persuading them to vote AGAINST this short-sighted and hateful anti-Israel resolution:
Eric Mar (district 1), Michela Alioto-Pier (district 2), David Chiu (district 3), Carmen Chu (district 4), Ross Mirkarimi (district 5), Sean Elsbernd (district 7), Bevan Dufty (district 8).

Avalos, Campos, Daly, and Maxwell are of course beyond redemption, and need to be voted out at the next election.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Election results in the Netherlands show the VVD ('Vereniging voor Vrijheid en Democratie' - free market liberals) and the Party van de Arbeid (Labour) as receiving the most votes, both ending up with 31 seats each in parliament.

Geert Wilders ('Partij Voor de Vrijheid' - freedom party) advances to 23 seats, passing the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA - centrists) to become the third largest group.

The final count is not yet complete, and may not be known till tomorrow.

[Addition at 6:36 Pacific Time: Frequent update of votes and percentages here: Note also the figures by province.]

"Het lijkt er wel op dat de PVV van Geert Wilders de derde partij van het land wordt, nog voor het CDA van Jan Peter Balkenende, dat nog slechter scoort dan verwacht. De christendemocraten verliezen bijna de helft van hun kiezers en komen op een historisch dieptepunt van 21 zetels. Wilders wint maar liefst veertien zetels ten opzichte van de Kamerverkiezingen in 2006 en scoort met 23 zetels ook veel meer dan in de jongste peilingen het geval was. "
[Translation: It indeed looks like the PVV of Geert Wilders will become the third party of the country, even outranking the CDA of Jan Peter Balkenende, which scored even worse than expected. The Christian Democrats lose almost half of their voters and end up at a historic low point of 21 seats. Wilders gains at least 14 seats since the parliamentary elections in 2006 and scores with 23 seats even more than in the most recent poll-estimate.]


What is really good news, however, is that the far left (SP - Socialistische Partij) are in serious trouble.

"De SP verliest tien zetels en komt op vijftien, GroenLinks wint er drie en komt op tien, D66 wint er acht en komt op elf, de ChristenUnie verliest een zetel en komt op vijf, de SGP staat stabiel op twee, de Partij voor de Dieren verliest een zetel en houdt er één over en Rita Verdonk verdwijnt uit de Kamer. "
[Translation: The SP loses ten seats and comes to 15, GreenLeft gains three and comes to 10, D66 wins eight and comes to 11, the Christian Union loses one seat and comes to five, the SGP stays stable at two, the Party for the Animals loses one and keeps only one seat, and Rita Verdonk disappears from the chamber.]

The irony is that the left, which was responsible for the collapse of the government several months ago, has effectively written themselves out of the new cabinet.
Neither the Labour Party (PvdA) nor the rebranded Stalinists (SP) have much appetite for a coalition that includes Geert Wilders - and, as the third party, the PVV cannot be ignored.

As it stands the next government might be an odd alliance of Liberals (VVD), Centrists (CDA), and "people with strong opinions" (PVV).
In order to increase stability, D66 should probably be included - the Democrats of 1966 have for a long time been a voice of sanity and intelligence in Dutch politics (which explains why they aren't a very large party).


Many of my friends have been overjoyed that the Teabaggers are ripping apart the Republican party - and not because they are all opposed to the Republicans. Their reasoning is that if the loonies all leave to start their own movement, common sense may yet return to the GOP. And at least it will be easier to figure out how many conservatives are stark raving.

That, actually, is a process that has also been happening on the left.
It's called the Green Party.

Which, as it turns out, is a magnet for the anti-Israel side.

Including some people who are certifiably insane, and many who are just old-fashioned leftwing anti-Semites.

[Here in San Francisco, supervisor Ross Mirkarimi (district 5) represented the Green Party in city government - he was a co-founder of the California Green Party (1990). He has since rejoined the Democratic Party (March 2010).
Personally I am rather glad that Mirkarimi has left the Greens - even though I do not agree with many of his ideas, he has been very good for San Francisco, and is one of the more interesting (by reason of intelligence) political voices in Baghdad-by-the-Bay.]

According to the Green Party website:
"The San Francisco Green Party is one of the largest and strongest local Green groups in the US with almost 9,000 registered Greens, about 2% of the total number of registered voters. We have a Green on the Board of Supervisors and CA Coastal Commission, Ross Mirkirimi, and a Green on the Golden Gate Bridge Commission, Dave Snyder."

On June 1, the San Francisco Green Party resolved to boycott Israel.


"The San Francisco Green Party calls upon all of its members, and all San Francisco residents, businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and political parties to join in the worldwide boycott and divestment of Israel.
The San Francisco Green Party calls upon the City and County of San Francisco, by action of its Board of Supervisors and Mayor, to likewise engage in a full boycott and divestment of Israel. "

End quote.


Lest you now think that this is typical of San Francisco, I hasten to point out that that is just not so.
It is typical of several municipalities in the great state of California.

California is a stonghold for the Green Party as well, with over 111,000 registered Greens! The mayors of Richmond, Sebastopol and Fairfax are Green Party members and the Green Party has had a majority of elected officials in several towns throughout the state. In November 2009, Fairfax, California gained a Green majority in city council, winning three out of five seats. As of June 2007, 55 Green Party of California members hold elected office.
End quote.



The Green Party is not just a California phenomenon - there are Israel-hating greens all over the country.
Their recent presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, hails from Georgia. A more active Israel hater in national politics might be hard to find.
[Wikipedia cites her "her controversial profile, which included support for Arab causes and a suggestion that Bush knew in advance of the September 11 attacks."]

What's really interesting is the sheer number of anti-Israel resolutions and proclamations issued by the Green Party over the last several years.


"The Green Party condemns Israel's murderous attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla, urges immediate aid cutoff and end to impunity for Israel" (Monday, May 31, 2010)

"Greens: President Obama must press Israel to end East Jerusalem settlements" (Thursday, April 8, 2010)

"Green Party: Israel-Palestine truce must include end of Israeli occupation and observance of international law or violence is likely to resume" (Monday, January 19, 2009)

"Green Party condemns Israel's massive air attack on Gaza, calls on US to rein in Israel and seek a ceasefire" ( Tuesday, December 30, 2008)

"Greens call the 60th anniversary of Israel an occasion to affirm international law, enact human rights, and end the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories" (May 19, 2008)

"Greens blast Clinton, Obama, and McCain for uncritical support of Israel" (Monday, March 3, 2008)

"Greens, Calling for Palestinian Rights, Urge Divestment from Israel" (Monday, November 28, 2005)

"Israel's 'Disengagement Plan' Will Not Bring Peace" (Tuesday, August 16, 2005)

"Kerry is Indistinguishable from Bush on Israel and Palestine" (Thursday, April 22, 2004)

"Israeli Forces are Targeting Nonviolent Palestinian, Israeli, and International Peace Workers" (Wednesday, August 14, 2002)

Like a broken Fascist record, the Green Party in many locales keeps echoing the resolution they passed nationally urging divestment from Israel in 2005.

As the Teabaggers represent the Moose-humping fringe on the right, the Green Party embodies the Jew-hating moonbeams on the left.

Remarkably, the spiteful bigot who introduced an anti-Israel resolution at a San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting recently was, as far as I can tell, not a current or past member of the Green Party.
He may be a firm supporter of the ISM, though. Judging by a previous engagement.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


The other day when I boarded the bus, a Chinese gentleman and his little daughter boarded also. I had noticed them among the multitude at the bus stop previously – they must live on the same block – but what especially caught my eye this time was the stuffed animal the child was carrying. She had a bunny. A bright pink bunny, which she held dangling by a leg.

Older women, such as teenagers and college age young ladies, often have backpacks, or handbags. And cellphones, ipods, compacts. This and that.
The little girl obviously understood the need for stylish and practical encumbrances, but limited herself to what was truly essential: a bunny rabbit.
She carried her accessory unselfconsciously; casual, yet businesslike.

She and her father sat down opposite an elderly white woman, who complemented her on her pretty dress. The little girl did not know what to make of this and drew closer to her dad, who explained to the elderly woman “she, shy”.

The woman then asked “how old is she?”. “Um, ah, four, yes.” The little girl squirmed and buried her face in her dad’s windbreaker.

The elderly woman turned again to the child “what’s your name, dearie?” The father again interceded: “her call Alice”. The little girl, still with her face in her dad’s windbreaker, silently nodded affirmation.

Now the elderly woman tried to engage the little girl with even more determination. “Oh what a pretty bunny!
The little girl whispered “he’s a boy, boys AREN’T pretty”. Her English was better than her dad’s.
Well then, he is very handsome!” Now the little girl looked at the woman in worried manner.
Probably the old lady, in the little girl’s eyes, was missing a few screws. Boys, as everyone knows, are sometimes handsome (very unlikely!), sometimes bunnies, but NOT both. Never both. This old person must have been expressing frustration that there weren’t enough handsome boys and projecting that lack onto the bunny. An imposition!

[Please understand that I don’t know for certain what the little girl was thinking. I cannot read minds, so it’s all just a guess. But it’s an educated guess. It was clear that the little girl found the old lady a disturbing element, which required careful watching. And somehow the bunny was central to the developing situation.]
The little girl pursed her lips.

“Do you love your bunny?”
The little girl frowned – what an odd thing to ask.

“Does he have a name?”
The little girl nodded.

“So, what’s he called?”In a determined and fierce tone the little girl screamed:


And hid the bunny behind her back.

Consternation. Followed by silence.

Two stops later the old lady got off the bus.

The little girl pulled her bunny back out and whispered “well done, mister Floppy”.
For the first time she smiled.

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Monday, June 07, 2010


By now you have probably seen the videoclip of Helen Thomas putting her foot in her mouth and biting down hard.

"Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine"

"Remember these people are occupied and it's their land, not Germany and not Poland"

"They can go home, Poland, Germany, and America and everywhere else"

This is not some inbred European ultra-liberal, nor a devolutionary throwback like Ahmedinejad speaking. This is one of the sharpest tacks in the Washington toolbox.
Helen Thomas has had an illustrious career as the liberal reporter baiting presidents in their den for decades. She's still smart as a whip, despite being older than Adam.
A real sharp cookie, right on the ball.

This was no senior moment, either. Go ahead, look at that clip again:

That she resigned her job with the Hearst corporation this morning, and posted an apology for her remarks, is cold comfort.

Now she can say whatever she wants about Jews and Israel, while blaming the Zionist lobby for forcing her to quit.
She could, perhaps, take a post with Tikkun Magazine in Berkeley or Hamas Television in Gaza - either would be glad to have her.

She may also enter the modern vocabulary.


Helen Thomas
Noun. Definition:
1. The inadvertent spilling of one's true feelings about an ethnic, racial, religious, or cultural group. Usually negative.

Examples: "Man those Lebanese Americans piss me off." "I'm surprised the Irish boat got anywhere near Gaza, drunks usually can't navigate; they must've been on auto-pilot." "All of the Turks are vicious swine, not just their violent peace activists."

2. The apology for saying something offensive in an unguarded or unmedicated moment.

Examples: "What I meant was that Lebanese Americans are such forthright people!" "Let me be the first to admit that the Irish have many fine qualities!" "After all, everyone knows the Turks are still better than the Greeks."

3. Unguarded moment of candour.

Examples: "Whenever he drinks too much, he pulls a Helen Thomas." "Erdogan has been afflicted with Helen Thomas several times since he was elected." "Oh crap, another Helen Thomas from Ahmedinejad!"

4. Something one deems foul or unpleasant.

Examples: "The accommodations at the caravan-saray were Helen Thomas." "Irish cooking? Nothing but boiled Helen Thomas!" "Let us not talk about Turkish Helen Thomas."

5. Liberal with some startlingly primitive or ridiculous ideas.

Examples: Alice Walker. Daniel Bernard. Noam Chomsky.

Verb. Definition:
1. To say something stupid and offensive.

Examples: "I'm sorry I Helen Thomassed all over the Lebanese Americans just now." "He shouldn't Helen Thomas at the Irish the way he does." "The Turks are still furious over American bloggers Helen Thomassing about them."

2. To apologize for an ignorant or bone-headed utterance.

Examples: "He Helen Thomassed for his generalizations about Persians, terrorists, and Lebanese Americans." "I would like to profoundly Helen Thomas to the Irish for implying that they're drunken sots." "The Turks refused to accept his heartfelt Helen Thomassing, and issued a fatwa."

Adjective. Definition:
Unfavourable description of an utterance or statement.

Examples: "That was the most Helen Thomas thing I've ever heard!" "That statement was horribly Helen Thomas." "Whenever Ahmedinejad opens his yap he says something Helen Thomas."

Once more, watch that Helen Thomas clip:

Find new ways to use the word. Enrich the English language. Express yourself.



To any Helen Thomasses among my readers who are offended by my having committed Helen Thomas, I offer my sincerest Helen Thomas.
May none of you EVER Helen Thomas so Helen Thomasly as Helen Thomas Helen Thomassed.


Friday, June 04, 2010


Most native English-speakers are familiar with the rhyme about what little boys and girls are made of - nasty stuff and sweet stuff respectively.
However, with my YEARS of expertise, I am in a position to confound that opinion.

I actually know what they're made of. Trust me. I have experience.
Plus, I have thoroughly investigated, and tested my conclusions with probing experiments.
Rigorous tests and sampling. Scientific curiosity put into practice.

The little monkeys are made of doughnuts!

This morning, on my way to work, about a hundred children passed me. Sweet grampa, what a reek! Doughnuts! They all stank of doughnuts!
Mind you, I like doughnuts - they're my people's enduring contribution to American culture, now that scalping is no longer practiced - but a hundred little monsters ponging like a doughnut shop is not conducive to good mental health.

It makes them louder. All one hundred. Doughnuts.

Doughnuts also diminish the fear little children naturally have of people in the financial district. They come closer than usual, and sniff the humans.
If there is food in your truck, they will find it. They will rip out your guts.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


In reaction to a rather blistering piece I wrote recently about the Dutch and their strident insistence that the Israelis release the pro-Hamas activists on the Mavi Marmara pronto, as well as their automatic hypocritical demand that the Israelis submit to an international inquiry and the usual accusation that of course the Israelis were to blame, I received a comment which was … interesting.

Naturally I responded.

Far be it from me NOT to have the last word.

Especially when arguing with someone Dutch.

Beste betwetend stuk Nederlandsche treif,
[My dear knowitall piece of Dutch crap, ]

Hoezo racist? Zijn die verachtelijke Kaaskoppen nu een ras? Dat zou ik nooit geraden hebben, daar de NSBers hun altoos als gewoon Germanen bestempelden.
[In what way racist? Are the despicable Cheeseheads now a race? I would never have guessed that, as the NSBers always insisted that they were just Germanics.]

En inderdaad, het waren de Nederlanders die de Joden voor de Duitsers met namen en addressen hebben verraden, de Nederlanders die in opdracht van de Duitsers hun arresteerden, de Nederlandsche bankiers en bureaucraten die Joden beroofden, de Nederlandsche spoorweg ambtenaren en employees die hun de karren in gepropt hebben en op zeer efficiente en uitstekend uitgevoerde manier transporteerden, de Nederlanders die hun terugkeer zuur onthaalden en slechts onder dwang een uiterst gering gedeelte van het gestolene erug gaven.
[And indeed, it was the Dutch who betrayed the Jews with names and addresses, the Dutch who on behalf of the Germans arrested them, the Dutch bankers and bureaucrats who robbed them, the Dutch railway officials and employees who jammed them into the wagons and very efficiently and with thoroughness transported them, the Dutch who gave them a sour welcome on their return and only under duress returned a minimal portion of that which was stolen.]

Dat er kaaskoppen tijdens de oorlog stierven klopt. Velen van hun waren NSBers en SS leden. Anderen werden, door mede Nederlanders, net zo verraden als de Joden.
[That there were Cheeseheads who died during the war is correct. Many were NSBers and SS members. Others were, like the Jews betrayed by their fellow Dutch.]

Ulieden vochten nauwelijks. Maar collaboreerden als bezetenen.
[You lot hardly fought. But collaborated like mad.]

En dat ulieden de Amerikanen in de reet kruipen is een feit. Dat is een bekwaamheid van uw politici. Maar betrouwbare bondgenoten? Nauwelijks.
[And that you lot kiss up to the Americans is a fact. That’s a particular specialty of your politicians. But reliable allies? Hardly.]

De enige Nederlanders met wie ik in zeer grotendele sympathie heb zijn Indos. Maar ja, die hebben jullie OOK als dreck behandeld; hun ontvang was in grotendele net zo zuur als dat van de teruggekeerde Joden.
[The only Dutch people for whom I largely have sympathy are the Indo-Dutch. But heck, you guys treated them like shit too; their reception was, in a large part, just as sour as that of the returned Jews.]

NOTE: The Dutch reader has since commented that the Dutch are a race, and that I am a bigot for not liking them.

The Dutch are NOT a race. They're just an average bunch of Eurotrash.

Discussion continues.

Feel free to join in.

If anyone wishes to explore the Dutch world further, here are clickable lables:

Rottekaas *** GeertWilders *** DUTCH LESSONS *** Dutch perversions *** Europe

These five ought to keep you entertained for a while.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


What the Dutch SHOULD have done years ago, the Israelis did this past weekend; they arrested a dangerous terror-supporter. A Dutchman. A financier of terrorism. A notorious Netherlander of Palestinian ancestry, who moved in the same circles as many "exemplary" Dutch citizens like Gretta Duisenberg, former prime minister Andreas (Dries) van Agt, parliamentarians Anja Meulenbelt and Harry van Bommel.

Here's the Telegraaf article:

Hollandse Hamasleider was erbij
Door Bart Olmer
AMSTERDAM - De Nederlander Amin Abou Rashed (43), die door Israëlische commando's is gearresteerd aan boord van de 'Vrijheidsvloot' voor de kust van Gaza, is volgens inlichtingendiensten een kopstuk van terreurorganisatie Hamas.

[Dutch Hamas leader was there - By Bart Olmer
Amsterdam - The Dutchman
Amin Abou Rashed (43), arrested by Israeli commandos on board of the "Freedom Flotilla" in front of the coast of Gaza, is, according to intelligence services, a head of the Hamas terror-organization.]


Gisteravond laat maakte Israël bekend dat alle opgepakte zeshonderd buitenlandse actievoerders binnen twee dagen zullen worden vrijgelaten. Onder hen zijn twee Nederlanders: Rashed en Anne de Jong (29).

[Yesterday evening Israel announced that all arrested foreing activists will be released within two days. Among them are two Dutch people: Rashed and Anne de Jong (29) .]

De van oorsprong Palestijnse Rashed heeft een Nederlands paspoort en opereert vanuit Rotterdam.
In zijn strijd tegen Israël verloor de Nederlandse activist eerder een arm. De Nederlander wordt aangewezen als een van de organisatoren achter de 'vredesvloot' door de officiële website van de Moslimbroederschap, een beweging die strijdt voor islamdominantie.

[The originally Palestinian Rashed has a Dutch passport and operates out of Rotterdam. In his fight against Israel the Dutch activist earlier lost an arm. The Dutchman is identified as one of the organizers behind the "Freedom Flotilla" on the website of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that battles for Islamic domination.]

NOTE: Rotterdam is one of the bastions of the European Arab community as well as the radical pro-Hamas activists in the Netherlands. The Muslim Brotherhood has been implicated in numerous terror attempts, terror attacks, and the financing and material support of terrorists and terror organizations. Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder, is the frequent apologist for their activities, although he maintains that he is not a terror supporter - many Europeans passively (or passionately - depends on their politics) allow him his plausible deniability. The Muslim Brotherhood is funded by rich Arabs in the Gulf, politicians and businessmen in many Arab countries such as Egypt and Jordan, and sluiced proceeds from the drug trade in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey.

"Rashed is de leider van de Hamas in Nederland", zegt een inlichtingenbron. "Hij komt onder een alias, namelijk Amin Abou Ibrahim, voor in meerdere inlichtingenrapporten. Hij werkte voor de beruchte Nederlandse stichting al-Aksa, die werd verdacht van fondsenwerving voor de terreurorganisatie Hamas. Hij is ook zeer actief in de Stichting Palestijns Platform voor Mensenrechten en Solidariteit (PPMS)", aldus de inlichtingenman.

["Rashed is the leader of Hamas in the Netherlands", says a source. "Under the alias Amin Abou Ibrahim he shows up in a number of intelligence reports; he worked for the notorious Dutch Al Aqsa Foundation, suspected of raising funds for the Hamas terror-organization. He is also very active in the foundation 'Palestinian Platform for Human Rights and Solidarity", according to the intelligence spokesman.]

Hamas heeft als financieringsbron wereldwijd islamitische 'liefdadigheidsinstellingen'. De Nederlander Amin Abou Rashed wordt genoemd in relatie tot de Holy Land Foundation, een beruchte liefdadigheidsorganisatie die in Amerika werd opgerold voor het financieren van Hamas.

[Hamas has, as their source of funds, numerous Islamic "charitable foundations" around the world. The Dutchman Amin Abou Rashed is named in connection with the Holy Land Foundation, a notorious charitable organization that was terminated in the United States because of their financing of terror.]

Unfortunately, the "tolerant" Dutch harbour many more people like him. According to many people in that country, such folks enrich Dutch society and provide a refreshing alternative point of view.

[All quotes above from this article:,1]

In other news, from that same estimable source (De Telegraaf), we find out that some member of the Hamas Flotilla wished to die a martyr's death.

Turken Gazakonvooi wilden martelaar worden
ANKARA - Drie Turkse mannen die in de nacht van zondag op maandag omkwamen bij een Israëlische aanval op een scheepskonvooi, streefden ernaar te sterven als martelaar. Dat hebben hun nabestaanden woensdag gezegd tegen Turkse media.

[Three Turkish gentlemen who perished between Sunday night and Monday morning during an Israeli boarding of a ship convoy yearned to become martyrs. That is what their relatives told Turkish media.]


One of them prayed for years to become a martyr, according to his wife. The second was an adherent of a radical Islamic organization, the third worked for terrorist-linked IHH and reportedly had ties to AlQaeda.

I am so happy for them that they succeeded. Kudos. Many more. Dude.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Steffy posted a dynamite piece about the Turks today.


“The IHH (Islan Haklary Ve Hurriyetleri Vakfi), as you know, is the outfit that sponsored and filled the Mavi Marmara - that being the ship on which the peace-activists became violent and murderous. The vast majority of passengers on that boat were Turkish islamists and radicals. Some with Al Qaeda and Hamas connections.
If the international community does not thoroughly examines the cargo and the passenger list, they should really shut up about what happened. Discretion would suit them well.”
End quote.

Patiently, she takes us through the beginnings of Islamic Charities and their terror connections all the way to the present day.

Quote:"The European countries now decrying Israel’s justified interdiction of the convoy all have Turkish immigrants and unruly Arabs. None of them wish to face up to the possibility that Turkey, once again, is becoming their enemy. Many of them sent volunteers and parliamentarians to assist IHH.
Now they turn a blind eye to the involvement of a terror-supporting Turkish charity, and parrot the rantings of Erdogan, an un-apologetic admirer of Ahmedinejad and Chavez, an instigator of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, a friend and ally of Syria, and a militant Islamist."
End quote.

I rather doubt that the Europeans have the mental acuity to draw the necessary conclusions. After all, many of them support Hamas - because it, too, is a charity. With a doctor at the helm.

And Hamas is anti-American, so, like Hezbollah, in European eyes it is commendable.
I'm rather sour on Europeans at present.

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