Monday, November 29, 2021


Five years ago a stock market day trader told me that in another week, the news would blow up revealing that Hillary Clinton and top democrats were running a sex slave cult in the basement of a pizza shop. He was dead serious. At the time I believed that he had lost his mind.
Which I still do. I also believe that half the country is frigging goofy.

Shape shifting interdimensional lizard aliens? Child sex slave colonies on Mars? Nano chips in vaccines? Eric Clapton? Robert Kennedy Jr.? False flag vaccines? Vote fraud? Jews, Masons, Bilderbergers? Was Operation American Spring sabotaged by the CIA?

Lab grown meat is actually from slaughtered Chinese athletes who are not competitive enough for international events, farmed in vast underground factories in the Xinjiang.

The United States military is in on this; human protein is a superfood for a cyborg army that will take back the planet from the dark forces who are taking over.

It's all part of a vast secret experiment.
The New World Order.
I tend to be somewhat leery of Republicans, and others who "do their own research".

The Zombies and Communists could never take over America. They'd have too much competition from the dangerous loonies who already live there.

Herman Cain isn't dead but is being kept alive in a hospital satellite circling the earth just underneath the Van Allen Belts which prevent us from leaving and exploring space.
Which were put there by ancient space reptiles.
Do yer own research.

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