Saturday, November 27, 2021


Facebook wishes me to share my innermost self. And reminds me of my past postings, anxious that I repost them. But because I'm still in Facebook jail and cannot post there, I'll share some of my Facebook memories from previous years here.

2020: Dutch American Cantonese Thanksgiving: Turkey in a pastry crust, creamed spinach, rice, and chilipaste. Plus an axe murderer on the telly.

NOTE: my apartment mate is my ex-girlfriend, a Cantonese American woman I've known for years. We trust each other and have somewhat similar tastes. Except for the chilipaste; for me chilipaste is one of the many divine gifts to the Dutch, for her it's "good lord almighty you folks are ruddy bonkers".

2020: Happy Genocidal Calvinist Dickhead Day.

NOTE: I will have you know that my people (Dutch Americans, New Amsterdam) had nothing to do with what that bunch of reprehensibles did in Massachusetts, and a dry inedible fowl is NOT a feast.

2020: "Telling me about the Kingdom Of Heaven doesn't do diddly squat, and provides NO comfort during the pandemic; ice cream and chocolate however work wonders." Statement by the apartment mate regarding the proselytizing talkiewalkies of a neighborhood Seventh Day Adventist.

NOTE: the Seventh Day nutball is still around, but no longer talks to either of us.
We're hopeless. And very unkind to missionary types from any creed.

2020: Glad that per the Supreme Court, religious people have a right to die in larger numbers. It is well-deserved.

NOTE: see remarks about missionaries and puritans above.

2018: If George Soros has done even half the things of which they accuse him, I'm cool with that; a liberal super being.

NOTE: Yeah, this is self-explanatory.

2017: Pie a la mode: chicken pot pie?

NOTE: I have a relationship with icecream.

2016: Now that Castro has passed on, can we send those Miami criminals back?

NOTE: horrible rightwing dingbats.

2016: Orange turkeys?

NOTE: horrible rightwing dingbats.

2015: Quote from the EX: "What is it with upper middle class white people? They're sex-obsessed, and getting it on all the time!"

NOTE: this may have had something to do with what was on the television. And judging by this, I am not upper middle class white.

2014: Tofurky is very Puritan: the pilgrims would have enjoyed it.

NOTE: tastes just like ... turkey.

2014: Bottles shattering late at night, how sad.

NOTE: there is a bar at the end of the block. Broken dreams, hopes dashed, yuppie procreative shenanigans crashing on a distant shore.

2014: Creationism is bunk. The dinosaurs did not drown.

NOTE: Per Wikipedia: "Astrophysical measurements and radiometric dating show that the age of the universe is about 13.8 billion years and the age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years". Lakewood Yid's entire premise that giant lizards didn't make it onto the ark is, as normal people know, balderdash and bunkum. Plus Creationists are evil idiots.

2013: Apparently, my existence disturbs some people greatly.

NOTE: my piles bleed for them.

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