Saturday, November 06, 2021


Several centuries ago we Dutch gained control of a rather large spice producing area (modern day Indonesia), and promptly turned spices into a Dutch monopoly. The result, as is proven by modern North America, is that most Anglos can't cook worth a damn' and do not know how to handle flavour. A customer at the Indian Restaurant years ago told me the rice pilaf was too spicy. We'd have many more customers if we toned everything down considerably!
Mm, okay?

The Spice expands consciousness.

It helps you navigate space.

The phrase that got me suspended from Facebook till the first week of December seems appropriate here: "Stupid f*&ing white people".

A friend who put plantain and couscous in his cholent passes along the message that Dune would have us believe that in the year 10191 white people will start using spices.
That alone tells you it's a work of fiction.
Please note that doesn't take into account two things; A) Urban Dutch and Italians aren't white, they're kind of green and covered in feathers, and B) Pumpkin spice is NOT fit for human consumption, that's why it's in candles and Starbucks beverages.

I work in Marin; I know from White People.

Sneering about the food preferences of White People will get you in trouble on Facebook. Both Mark Zuckerberg and Fox News are white. White people are responsible for Flat Earthism, scientific ignorance, and the popularity of Kanye West and the denatured Jalapeno.

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