Monday, November 01, 2021


At some point, when we weren't paying attention, Hallowe'en became an Autumn equivalent of Saint Patrick's Day or Cinco De Mayo; an opportunity to get blotto.
And I'm pretty sure how I feel about that.

When we lived in Europe I realized that people who were monolingual in English there were largely alcoholic. Since then I've grasped that it wasn't just English speakers; the Dutch, Belgians, and Germans were also frequently drunk. Scandinavians? Totally pickled.

But finding any old excuse for getting scandalously wasted is a very English-language thing to do. Has been since William the Conqueror.

Here in the United States it is quite common for people to start slamming beers and fruity blender-cocktails shortly after brunch.

The most beloved drinking opportunities are college towns, ball games, holidays, ethnic celebratory events with no ethnics present, darkness, visiting Mexico, and Tuesday.

People in the service industry put up with an awful lot, and deserve combat pay.

If you detect a sour note of disapproval here, you are right.
And you might be sober.

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