Wednesday, November 03, 2021


Yesterday evening I managed to run afoul of Facebook's wussy community standards again. Offending post: "The apartment mate informs me that Kimchi Tofu Soup, as available at a local yuppie enterprise, looks unappetizingly like it's filled with "B B 曱甴" ('bi bi gaa tzaat'; baby cockroaches). Because it also contains black rice. The immortal words of a very good friend are entirely applicable in this instance: "stupid f*cking white people"." End quote.

Thirty days of Facebook jail.
No posting for a month.
Well golly.

Mark Zuckerberg is a giant twinkywink.

I am now, incestuously, friends with another one of my accounts. And I stress that I am a feisty girl with dark hair and a cute haircut. Also, an altogether pleasant colourscheme.
I could get used to being someone different. Someone not likely to say the nasty things which can trigger my fragile fellow Caucasians. The aforementioned "stupid f*cking white people".
My new persona is cognizant of precisely how effing fragile the f*ckers are.

My new persona is a very nicely brought up young lady, somewhat short and petite, with fiercely glowing eyes, and a calmly nurturing bitchy temper.

Z*cked. For 30 days.

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