Saturday, November 13, 2021


The best dinners include chocolate and toffee. One must come to this conclusion after scarfing down a plate of Singapore noodles, egg plant, and an egg. With hot sauce. After an entire day of detestable old boys in the back room slagging California. Which the odious buggers hate.

It wasn't until fairly late in the day that they left to get drunk, have their dinners, and change their incontinence diapers before committing unmentionable acts and bestiality.

Their misbehaviour is testimony to caffeine, nicotine, and refined sugar.
Substances which one would wish they had not enjoyed.

I did not share my cookies with them.

As a quiet and refined pipe smoker I absolutely resent having to share this planet with coarse rightwing cigar chompers. It's quite uncivilized.

I say that here, rather than to their faces, because I do not wish them to know under any circumstance that I could think any less of them.

Subjects discussed by pipe smokers, as my social media feed attests: Monastic robes, carbon containing the light 12C isotope and carbon containing the heavy 13C isotope, dog statuary, the break between academic terms, pleasant weather in the redwoods, Humphrey Bogart, photos of the people power revolution in the Philippines (1984 through 1986), C.S. Lewis, exorcism of evil spirits, living in Durham (North Carolina), classic Angry music from Rage Against The Machine, the gracious condescension of Lady Catherine De Bourgh .....

Mr. Collins, I'm sure you will agree, is a right twat.

Mr. Darcy is a wealthy young fellow with an income exceeding £10,000 a year and the owner of Pemberley, an estate in Derbyshire.

Sorry, got distracted a bit. Welcome relief from considering the cheroot chomping old boys and their weak bladders. They are male versions of Mrs. Bennet.
All things considered, I am not at all surprised that more members of the gentler sex do not smoke cigars; it would subject them to repulsive company.

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