Wednesday, November 24, 2021


An anonymous commenter underneath a recent post asked: "Be honest. Do "the normals" ever visit?" Which is a good question. Given that most (all) posts here reflect my neuroses. I do not think normals visit. Whatever web-search brings people here is usually odd. Normals search for such things as "kitten Trump" or "turkey with gravy for Methodist relatives this year".
You know, normal stuff.

There are no turkey tips or pictures of kittens here.
This is not a kitten.

And as far as depravity is concerned, I don't cater to Methodists.

What people come here for is brilliant ideas, like "Silence Of The Lambs; The Musical".

I've never seen the movie or read the book, but if it mentions lambs then undoubtedly it would make a great Christmas spectacle. The Good Book itself speaks lauditorily of lambs. The hero of the New Testament, as is well known, is "The Lamb of God" (Gospel of John).
The symbolism is rich. Pregnant.

I'm imagining Steve Buscemi as the Baby Jesus.

Broadway will never be the same.

You are welcome.

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