Wednesday, November 03, 2021


Being somewhat a food-slut, I am sorry now that I don't have a car. Reason being Broke-Ass Stuart writing about gas station chicken in SFGate.

"It’s hard to believe that some of the best fried chicken in San Francisco is inside a spot called “Gas & Shop” at 17th St. and South Van Ness. It’s the kind of place where the cashier makes you leave your debit card when you fill up your car because they don’t trust you not to use a stolen one."
End quote.

Imagine a pilgrimage.

Not that I'm entirely idiotic over fried chicken, but it can be very enjoyable. And sometimes a man needs to pig out. Or a short petite woman, because I'm presently banned from Facebook for thirty days until December 2 for using the term "stupid f*(king white people", so I now have a drag persona while flying under the radar there. Like one of her sisters described Akane Tendo: "She's really a very sweet girl. She's just a violent maniac."

Yeah, um, sure. It sounds good. The idea of being a violent chick with a thing against stupid forking white people and a periodic passion for fried chicken, especially during 'those times', is ever more appealing the longer I think about it.
In a just world, Mark Zuckerberg would never get fried chicken again.

Does Akane Tendo like fried chicken? I don't know.
But she kicks people through the roof.
She's a very sweet girl.

What all men should try to be.

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