Sunday, November 07, 2021


This morning's essay will be small and mean. Steve Shurden, 58 years old, died in Tulsa, Oklahoma of Covid on October 19 after being sick for three weeks. He was a Trump-supporting rightwing nutball who wrote doggerel celebrating political extremism, and likened vaccination to the tattooing of numbers on prisoners arms at the Nazi concentration camps.
He spent his last few hours gasping for breath on a ventilator.

It cannot be emphasized enough how absolutely shitty his doggerel was. It illustrated more than anything else that American education sometimes lays rotten eggs.

He was a fundamentalist Christian and an evil man.
As well as a delusional anti-vaxtivist.

And, supposedly, a nurse.

His widow Teresa shared his odious beliefs, as well as a penchant for sharing eggregious crap on social media, at one point claiming that the Pfizer vaccine had killed many more people than covid. Both of them were thoroughly repulsive, now only one of them is.

People like them are a cancerous stain on society.

I hope his widow joins him soon.

Good riddance.

[File under "Stupid F*9king White People.]

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