Sunday, November 21, 2021


Quote: "Sometimes the English are so whimsical that you just want to slap the sh*t out of them". This pursuant the musical and movie 'cats'. Which neither of us have any inclination to see. My apartment mate read about it today. I had already read Elliot's poems, and thought them frightful twaddle. Scenes from the movie and musical are creepy as heck, enough to make you gag, and too damned twee to even consider wasting time and money on being tortured by this crap.

So, of course, it would be stellar on ice during the holiday season. Make the entire family suffer. People dressed as cats in skin-tight bum glitter, swooping while vocalizing balderdash.
Quite as nasty as that nutcracker shiznit.

Modern Christmas decorative ideas are repulsive.

I used to work in the toy industry. Christmas starts in July, the first shipments hit warehouses in late August or early September, and plastic crap is on it's way to stores well before Hallowe'en. That Holiday pumpkin-spice flavour pecan brickle? Probably made by poor starving orphans in Florida back in May. Same time the herds of frozen turkey were slaughtered, after roaming the outback for three months feasting on growth hormones.

Having you considered ordering a nice fresh tofurkey from your local Vegan freaks instead?
At least the beancurd and food-grade binding agents are fresh.
They don't believe in freezers.

Save the animals; slaughter a tub of white stuff instead.
Like turkey it can be deep-fried.

Next weekend we're decorating for Chistmas at work.
Bah humbug.

Nothing says 'Christmas' quite like a case of tetanus from sparkly lawn statuary.
I've had my shots and I'll take my chances.
I am ready for the season.

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