Sunday, November 28, 2021


Marjorie Taylor Green, who is undoubtedly the 'best thing Georgia has to offer the world', once again managed to tweet out something berserk. If she wasn't from Georgia, she'd have to be from Mississippi, except that with their rates of obesity and diabetes she'd hate herself.


1. Africa has the lowest vaccine rates in the world at 6%, and the lowest recorded deaths by drastic numbers.

Africa’s covid response of not masking & not getting vaccinated is proof that vaccines & masks aren’t stopping covid.

2. Obesity is the highest risk factor for hospitalization & deaths from #COVID19. For many reasons, good & bad, obesity is not at all high in Africa like it is in America.

Being outdoors a lot also gives Africans higher healthy levels of Vit D & Zinc.

3. Along with low obesity rates & higher Vit D & Zinc, Africans have safely taken Ivermectin for decades and many clinical trials have proven Ivermectin to be a very effective safe & cheap treatment against #Covid.

4. Ivermectin, the ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan, has a long safe history of saving lives especially among the poor all over the world.

Any doctor refusing to prescribe Ivermectin for Covid is participating in politics that is killing people.

5. With Africa’s amazingly low death rate from Covid, combined with the lowest vaccine rate in the world & very little masking, the “civilized” leaders of the world should immediately stop their tyrannical forced shutdowns, vaccine mandates, & absurd masking policies.

6. If you had a loved one die from Covid, and they were not allowed to take Ivermectin or monoclonal antibodies, you might have a wrongful death suit in your hands.

Treatment & healthy living is the way out of this nightmare, NOT vaccine mandates, masks, & shutdowns.

7. With all that is know about #Covid and all the covid studies and the known miracle of low deaths in Africa with very little vaccinations, it’s no wonder the Tyrants announce a new #covidvariant from Africa and apply travel restrictions.

They control you with irrational fear.


The reason why I mention Mississippi in connection with the dipshit from Georgia is because they're the dumbest and least healthy state of the union. Florida and Texas were also in the running. As well as her home state of Georgia.

When The South seceded from the Union, we should have left them out.

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Anonymous said...

So how is anything she said wrong?

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