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Traditionally, when smoking a prized product, the reviewer starts off with poofle: "It was a lovely Autumn evening such as only residents of this rich exclusive enclave in Southern France may enjoy. The fire in the main room of my spacious mansion was lit, I was seated in my favourite leather armchair, with my favourite purebred hounds to my left gnawing on the bones of one of the peasants who passed recently during the hunt, with my favourite blonde wife on my right, contemplating the amazing divine providence that favours my kind ..... thoughtfully I reached into the three hundred cigar count heirloon humidor left to me by my blessed forefathers ..... "
Followed by a multi-page essay on how he came to choose a particular smoke.

Courtesy of a friend I am presently puffing on a cigar.
It's quite a good one.
John handed me a Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Limited Edition over the weekend, and said he was keen to hear what I thought of it. Every year Davidoff releases a cigar celebrating the Chinese zodiac, the tiger begins February 1, 2022.

Earthy sweetness, rounded mouthfeel. Good thing no one is around to bother me. I shall let the place air out before she comes home.

Obligatory poofle: I'm in the teevee room where the computers are. It is small and messy, there is a stuffed turkey vulture on the other chair glowering at me, and there are bookshelves in every direction. There is no fireplace. The sun is streaming in. None of my blessed ancestors left me anything tobacco related, though I'm fairly certain many of them smoked. One of them had twenty three or twenty six offspring who lived to adulthood. He was truly blessed.
And I'm not sure why he didn't die of stress.

The Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper looks extraordinary. Smooth, herbal to the tongue. The filler, composed of several Dominican tobaccos, is firm but not tight, tastes on the smoke mild and perfumy, as you would expect, yet it's interestingly complex. This is a well-constructed cigar. John said it was stronger than he's had before from Davidoff, and I would rate this as a good afternoon smoke. Not something for on an empty stomach.
Goes well with the Pu Erh tea I'm drinking.
Tastes tingly.

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