Sunday, November 14, 2021


Some of the stuffed creatures are under the misapprehension that 'sailors' and 'jiggalos' are snacky-poo items; tasty, yummalicious, AND good luck. And I can see that those names would charm a marketing department. Cream-filled sailors, hot flaming jiggalos. Sounds good.
There's a huge mercantile opportunity right there!

They also believe that the Dutch are jiggalos, but kind of gamy and stringy, and smell a bit bad. But we have to forgive them for being that way, they can't help it, congenitally unclean the lot of them, they just need a sound scrubbing. And they give you the stink-eye.
Plus they argue too much and have weird requirements.
Delicate individuals do not discuss them.

So, apparently, the Dutch are both edible-crunchy, and living creatures.
It pains them to say that the Dutch are terrible at making cheese.
But they are good at sticking fingers into windmills.

I am surrounded by operatic critters with unusual knowledge sets and philosophies.
I am a long-suffering Dutchman in this horrible country.
Where the cheese is not so good.

Dutchmen are best cooked with garlic and douban sauce.
It is exceedingly likely that they are confusing Dutchmen and eggplants. I often make that mistake too. The only way to tell is to remember that we are more fibrous than vegetables.

There are several of them on my bed right now yelling that they want jiggalos, I must provide them with delicious jiggalos now!

I shall not do so. No eating in bed, and it's always too early to consider jiggalos.

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