Saturday, November 20, 2021


In several Dutch cities, people have rioted over covid lockdown measures. The authorities are treating them with kid gloves. Even though these are mostly self-indulgent entitled young men who simply want to go out and get stinking drunk every night as usual, and will gladly piss in the common pot just to make their whiny voices heard, regardless of what it says about them and their mores.

But there is a simple solution.

Call out the army, and impose a curfew.

Shooting a few dozen of those oproerkraaiers and dwazen would soon calm the situation down. The only ones who would miss them would be bar owners.

Many youth in the Netherlands are profligates, and degenerate.
Velen van hun kunnen wij zeker zonder doen.
Het lijkt daarginds wel Texas.
Rechtse klootakken.

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