Thursday, November 11, 2021


The most productive thing I've done during my time off this week is schedule a third shot for next week. So for the foreseeable future I'll be a little bit more protected than I was, which is especially important considering how many dumbasses are floating around without masks, or with their noses uncovered while on the bus. I despair over my fellow-Caucasians; some of them truly are dumb as a pile of logs.

Yes, I know that the two shots of Moderna back in April already give me an infinitely greater chance of survival than some inbred moron in Arkansas or Dakota swilling massive doses of Ivermectin and aquarium chemicals. But they and their kin have spread like a plague. Their cousin dingo is working in the Financial Disctrict, and Uncle Wheezer, Aunt Peggy, and the fifteen slope-browed kids are touristing all over San Francisco.

Gee, Mah, y'ever seen such tall buildings? I wonder where the Boo-King is.
Where do these poor people park their pick-ups?

Please note that much of the above is simply to piss-off a reader in Israel, who is convinced that all of this pandemic is overblown. He has a great affection for the booga-booga shouting savages in the vast interior. The "real" America.

Those are the people I fondly refer to as "stupid f*(king white pea po".
Strip malls and trailer parks for three thousand miles.

The third shot is scheduled, however.

I feel good about that.


If nothing else, I ought to survive the Holiday season unscathed. What with not having any plans for turkey at any time, nor shopping frenzies, rock concerts, Disney on ice, or sportive event watching with overweight drunkards. Such as is, I believe, traditional here.

I've not done anything for Thanksgiving in many years.
Why should this year be any different?

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