Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Apparently, I am a Jew Faggot. This per a large very dark gentleman representing International ANSWER, organizers of yesterday's protest in front of the Israeli Consulate on Montgomery Street.

Or it could be that he was a member of the Muslim American Society Freedom, the National Council of Arab Americans, Free Palestine Alliance, Al-Awda - International Palestine Coalition for the Right of Return, Bay Area Women in Black, Society for Justice in Palestine, ISM, the Spartacists, the South Bay Alliance, the Anti-Zionist Jews, or Jewish Voice for Peace. All of whom were either sponsors or participants in the largest Israel-bashing fest in SF since 2006.

But the group he represented is not the point. He was utterly convinced that I was a Jew Faggot, and very vocal about it. He does not appear to much like Jew Faggots.

I have no problem with the term, so it is with profound humility and pride that I accept the appellation 'Jew Faggot' as a badge of honour.

I was also informed by several other supporters of the Palestinian cause that I was a dog, a pig, a monkey, inhuman, the son of a whore, and that I deserved to be shot, gutted, slashed open, have my children killed, and see my wife raped.

[Given that I am, apparently, a Jew Faggot, it is not clear what is meant by the term 'wife' - explication is required. Thank you.]

And by gum, they believed themselves the ones to do all that - if only there weren't so many witnesses, dash it all.

4:45 PM - 6:45 PM

At which approximately 100 - 120 supporters of Israel meet nearly three thousand screaming Palestinians, Peace activists, Presbyterians, Pakistanis, and assorted other Protestants and politically obtuse personages.
Plus some angry people from the Yemeni mosque on Bush Sutter Street between Polk and Van Ness (At-Tawfikheed Yemenis Cultural Center).

[Correction 01/05/2009: Masjid Al-Tawheed, 1227 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109-5516. Denomination: Sunni (Salafi). Demographics: Predominantly Yemeni. Prayers offered: All daily prayers including formal jum'a. Language of Friday khutbah: Arabic (w/translation). Imam & Director/President: Sheikh Qaid. And regarding that mosque and its congregants, it must be mentioned that they generally speaking have improved the moral tone of the neighborhood - which is known for prostitution (both genders, and both transgenders), inebriation, and public displays of procreation, plus both partner and substance abuse. It is a lively little part of town.]

We (that being myself and five others) arrived at quarter to five with our Israeli and American flags, and it was already apparent that our side was vastly outnumbered, also that the police had lost control of the situation. The SFPD wanted to keep both sides apart. They failed utterly to do so. The anti-Israel mob occupied all of the street on the consulate side, and most of the other side of the street as well. Our people were surrounded on all sides, scattered in clumps among the screaming masses of anti-Israel activists, Muslims, and generally hate-filled opportunists. Several times the jostling and elbowing threatened to turn violent.

The cops' main focus had devolved to preventing angry confrontata from turning into active bloodshed, OR windows being broken. Nose to nose screaming matches, pushing and shoving - all fine, as long as it did not lead to punches, flying objects, shattered glass.

The SFPD actually achieved both of those humble aims, though they did not achieve anything else. They did not want to wade in to physically separate the sides, probably because of the danger that the Arab-Americans or ANSWER members would go feral.

[Besides, Jews can take care of themselves - as one bloated red-faced woman's sign said, one dead Jew means 300 dead Palestinians, and we were not even outnumbered thirty to one.]

Two hours of angry rioting and threats of death, plus several incidents that could have become bloody, do not leave me with any positive appreciation of the pro-Palestinian side. Which includes Bay Area Women in Black, Jewish Voice for Peace, Students for Justice in Palestine, and International ANSWER, in addition to agitators bused in from San Jose (South Bay Mobilization), Marin, and various heathenish pig-butt boondocks.


The anti-Israel side had one slogan in English, and several more in Arabic.

The English-language slogan: "Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea" - which frankly states the intent to destroy the Jewish state and ethnically cleanse the land.

The Arabic slogans: "Itbach al Yahud" (slaughter the Jews), "Falastin balad'na w'al Yahud qalab'na" (Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dogs), "ba ruh, ba dam, nafdeek ya Falastin" (with our soul, with our blood, we will cleanse you oh Palestine), "al mawt al Yahud" (death to the Jews), "Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud, jaish-Muhammad saya'ud" (Khaybar Khaybar oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return).

[That last slogan refers to the battle of Khaybar where the prophet Muhammad opportunistically attacked and slaughtered the Jews who had been hospitable to another Arab tribe. The subsequent sacking of Khaybar by Muhammad's forces re-energized the brigands who had flocked to his cause, and persuaded several Bedouin tribes to join Muhammad's forces in hopes of fun and profit.]

While the Arabs screamed their desire to exterminate Jews, the English-monolingualists simply stood there happily smiling their approbation. The correct pronunciation may have been beyond them, but they approved of the sentiment. Which is proven by their resolute continued presence and solidarity.
No, they do NOT have plausible deniability - the 'river to the sea' slogan shows that they wish for a genocide against Israel, and translations of the Arabic slogans have been provided so many times that they cannot claim ignorance of the meanings.
Besides, the angry Middle-Eastern Jew-hater with a bullhorn, and the rabid white chick with an equally loud bullhorn and a grating voice, made plain in great detail what the peace movement's plan for Israel and the Jews entails, as did the numerous threats and insults directed at our side by both Arabs and Anglos.

Bay Area Women in Black, in particular, should be ashamed of themselves - we know that they read our material, and they've stood side-by-side with Arabs making the Nazi salute at many other events where promises of death and destruction were chanted by the masses (hello Ron/Ralph Berg, this means you).
JVP, seeing as it has a number of not-entirely-clued-in individuals, is perhaps excusable - their familiarity with Judaism and Hebrew is that poor that they cannot possibly be expected to have any greater facility with Arabic, and they are somewhat slow besides.

At about twenty to seven PM, the vast mob headed down Montgomery Street towards Market, obediently tailed by the SFPD, worried that windows might be broken or garbage cans overturned if they were not there to keep order. Quiet returned to a street filled with ripped signs and splintered poles, and Israeli and American flags were carefully rolled up, ready for the next lovefest.

FINAL NOTE: On our side, maybe as many as ten percent (but maybe not even five percent) were not Jewish. On the anti-Israel side, despite the huge number of politically correct Jews there, at least eighty percent were Gentile, of whom about half were not Arab. This tells me that Jews cannot rely on the Gentile world for safety and justice - there just aren't very many people who give a damn about the Jews.
But you already knew that, didn't you?

One more time: 120 to 3000. Twenty five to one. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers - the few, the proud, the Jew Faggots.
I love you guys.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Fascinating facts from a newspaper article.

Since 2001, there have been 3,984 rockets and 3,943 mortar shells launched at Israel from Gaza.
Egypt brokered a truce that took effect in June, but since then, Palestinians still fired 223 rockets and 139 mortar shells from the Hamas-controlled enclave.
The Palestinian death toll continued to climb on Monday, yet Hamas still managed to pour rocket fire on Israeli cities such as Ashdod, more than 20 miles to the north of the Gaza Strip, bringing a million Israelis within range of the fighting.

What that last part means is that any Israeli living twenty five miles or less from a Palestinian is probably in danger. As good an argument for imposing a twenty five mile wide no-mans land as any I've seen.

Monday, December 29, 2008


What: Counter Protest in Support of Israel
Where: Israeli Consulate – 456 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
When: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 - 4:45pm

Dear Friends,

Israel is taking care of business in Gaza, and it is upon us to watch her back, here, on the streets of San Francisco. As we have seen from recent events in the region, PR war is a big part of this conflict, and "the streets" is where it’s fought, and no one will fight it but us.

Under the camouflage of "Peace Movement", the haters and the misguided will be holding a demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate to protest the "Holocaust in Gaza". We ask, where were they for 3 years to "stand for peace" when Israelis were being bombed, killed and injured? We ask why are the fair-minded supporters of Palestinians not outraged by Hamas’s continuous provocations which clearly led to this defensive action, by its human shields tactics, and by its complete disregard for human life, both Israeli and Palestinian? We ask, what would United States, Turkey, Russia or China do, if 750,000 of its citizens were under constant cross-border shelling? We ask the questions that are at the heart of this conflict, the ones that no-one will ask if we are not there!

So be there, with your own questions and answers, and flags and energy, to show by our solid presence our unwavering solidarity with the Jewish State.

For signs to support Israel, please go to:

These posters are ready to send to your local printer. Please bring your own flags and signs, we have limited resources for this event.

Be the San Francisco Voice for Israel!

As always, feel free to make your own signs but please no signs or graphics offensive to any racial or ethnic group including but not limited to Arabs, Islam, or Palestinians. Signs in violation of our policies will not be allowed.


Reading the Dutch, German, French, and English news sites and forums today highlighted three tendencies regarding reactions and thoughts about Israel's action in Gaza. These tendencies already existed, of course, but have been more sharply drawn in the last seventy-two plus hours.

The Pro-Israel no-matter-what tendency
The writer damns all Muslims, Palestinians, Socialists, and self-hating Europeans, while lauding the actions of Israel in Gaza.
This is distinctly a minority point of view.

The Nuanced Point of View
This person tends to understand that Hamas broke their own ceasefire, has sworn to destroy Israel, and provoked the conflict by firing off over two hundred rockets towards Israeli towns. Nevertheless, civilian deaths are lamented, and question are raised. The writer is not comfortable with adding to the misery of the average Arab.
This too is a minority point of view.

The angry Anti-Israel Opinion
These writers thoroughly condemn everything that Israel does, lament the misery of Palestinian existence, curse their own governments for doing nothing, and fervently wish ill upon Israel, the Jews, and anybody who takes the side of either Israel or the Jews. Many of these writers are anti-Semitic, but assert that being anti-Israel is not actual hatred. They are not overt bigots, as they (mostly) stay within the bounds of acceptable 'progressive' discourse.
This is the overwhelming majority point of view.

Digesting it all
What became apparent, reading the various sites, is just how much Israel is hated. To a certain extent, I can understand Arab hatred of Jews and Israel - Arabs hate everything and everybody. It seems to be part and parcel of their culture. They've killed over seven million of their own in the last sixty years, and almost instinctively speak ill of each other or sabotage their own causes.
I expect no better from that side. And I'll admit it, I am probably a racist because I expect nothing else from them. For which I apologize - I honestly cannot hold them to the same high standard as the civilized world. I am a realist.

I can also understand European hatred of Jews and Israel. After all, to many Europeans, the very survival of Jews proves them wrong. Their attempts to exterminate the Jews did not succeed, their attempts to force them to convert en-masse to Christianity or Communism failed. There are still Jews. It must be keenly disappointing to have those people still around as a reminder of the failure of European society.

Life would be so much simpler for both the Arabs and the Europeans, if there were no Jews. The Arabs could slowly destroy European society, the Europeans could profit enormously from whoring to the Arabs in the meantime. Benefit to both sides.

The Jews, especially in the shape of Israel, are the fly in the ointment. And so Israel taking action against Hamas, is of course, an affront to both many Europeans and to Arabs.
Which must be thoroughly condemned.

What I have never understood is why parts of America, in particular Northern California, are so filled with Jew-hatred. Places such as San Francisco State University and the University of California at Berkeley. Heck, I cannot fathom why Berkeley is the most Jew-hating city in all of California. It would appear that our universities inculcate a very European attitude, and deliberately undermine our society's values.
I fully expect the next domestic terrorist movement to originate in academe.

I find myself in-between the first and second tendencies. I recognize that Israel had to act, I find what they are engaged upon justified, and I applaud their successes. Granted, as a society, Israel is by no means perfect. And ideally it should be possible for any society to speak for all of its members. But in the real world, societies are not always capable of giving all goals and values equal importance. To Israel's credit, she tries. And often succeeds in advancing the interests of a large majority of her citizens. Israel does so as the only democratic state in that area, and the only liberal humanist society in the Middle-East.

That, unfortunately, is something that not a single one of the Arab states have ever done, and also something which almost none of the Arab states can even lay claim to ever trying.

The one great contribution to our vocabulary from the Arabs in modern times has been 'mukhabarat' - a term for a secret police that functions with extraordinary brutality. It is the one constant shared by all Arab states, and frequently the only efficient department in an Arab government.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


As was to be expected, there have been anti-Israel demonstrations in various spots worldwide since the beginning of the Israeli offensive against Hamas in Gaza. Not only in the usual places - Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt - but also in the Western World.

Places such as Amsterdam.
[Oh wait, that IS one of the usual places.]

Article in the Algemeen Dagblad:
[In Dutch. Synopsis: Roughly two hundred people demonstrate against Israel on the Dam in Amsterdam in a protest organized by the Netherlands-Palestine Committee, with torches and signs.]

Not satisfied with the wholesale deportation of Jews during the German occupation, as facilitated by the percentage-wise largest collaborationist faction in Europe - the wholesale betrayal and sale to the occupiers of as many Jews as possible - the verstokte and verkrampte bigots of the lowlands now encourage the Arabs to pursue their racist war against Israel and the Jews with all vigour. They cheer the murderous success of the umma, and keenly desire Jewish deaths in Sderot and Tel Aviv.

One would've thought that five centuries of grudging Dutch tolerance, preceded by the total extermination of Jews in Brabant, Flanders, and Gelre during the late middle-ages, and followed by the mass betrayals of the Second World War, would make these people too ashamed to voice such sentiments.

The modern Dutchman, like his ancestors, is convinced of his own righteousness, and equally convinced of the fundamental evil of the Jew. This lies at the heart of Dutch popular religion - both the Catholicism and Calvinism of the lowlands. It is an ancient atavistic hatred of outsiders, of which the Jew is the prime example.

If his educated modern mind tells him that discriminating against Moroccans, Surinamers, and Turks is wrong, today's Dutchman can at least take comfort in despising Jews and wishing for the destruction of Israel.
[It is at once both more 'intellectual', and more abstract - Jews of any type are less than even a quarter percent of Dutch society, whereas the people who think like him are an overwhelming majority, and form his social circle. Hence no one will challenge his praeconceptions, which is what he likes. Disagreement is so very un-Dutch.]

The Netherlands Palestine Committee can be found here:

It is the usual blathery site that you would expect: high-flown language praising the Palestinians for their peaceloving dignity, while excoriating Jews for their white-supremacist repression of the sensitive artistic natives of the world. There is no mention of the Jew-hatred that lives in the Muslim regions, no mention of the rabid anti-Semitism that thrives on the extremes of European and Arab society, no mention of the Qassam rockets, no mention of the violence perpetrated on a daily basis by Arab upon Arab, and by Muslim against non-Muslim.
Utterly no whisper about the violent provocations by Hamas, the two-facedness of the West-Bank warlord faction, or the stated intent supported by a majority of Mandate Arabs to exterminate the Jews first, then the Christians.
There is only praise for those peaceful pacifists, the sainted leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and kindred organizations.

The usual gang of hate-filled Euro-pond scum (Andries van Agt, Gretta Duizenberg, Anja Meulenbelt, et autres) support the organization.


There are still civilized Dutchmen, who are balanced and capable of perspective. And perhaps they are the majority. But the tradition of discourse in the Netherlands is ever that such people do not boldly speak out - publicly voiced dissent or alternative points of view may lead to unfortunate consequences. Like excoriation, deportation, or out-casting.

One need not even think of the fate of decent Dutchmen during the war as examples - Jan de Wit ( was torn apart by the right-thinking masses in 1625, Eduard Douwes Dekker ( spent the last decades of his life in exile. The quiet goodness that lives in Dutch society thrives despite discouragement, but rarely, very rarely, has as strong a voice and as self-righteously enthused an audience as small-minded hatred and hypocrisy.

Which may explain why there are many more people of Dutch ancestry, and Dutch-Jewish ancestry, outside the Netherlands than within. And why the word 'polder model' describes not only management made small, but also minds made dull. These people are incapable of protesting against rockets, bus bombings, or suicide vests. Such things are beyond their ability to comprehend, if not beyond their tendency to relativize.


Jawel, beste Nederlandsche lezers, u heeft het gemerkt: soms heb ik gewoon grondig de pest aan ulieden. Niet aan allen, weliswaar, en mischien niet eens de meerderheid. Maar wel degelijk aan uw maatschappij. Mag ik? Sedert mijn voorvader Abraham van Deursen in de zestiendertiger jaren voet aan wal zette in Niew Amsterdam zijn wij een beetje apart gegroeid van het oude kontree. Dat moest ook wel gebeuren, daar ulieden ons en onze toekomst unilateraal overleverden aan de Engelsen. Bijna vier eeuwen apartheid van u en uw gedachtegoed hebben een verschil in denkwijze bezorgd, nog meer zelfs in maatschappelijkheden.
Dat er een grondig verschil in perspektief was heb ik zelf jaren lang kunnen "genieten" als Amerikaans Staatsburger residerend in uw land. Tot die mate dat ik nooit weer de neiging zal hebben in uw gezelschap te vertoeven. Gij allen zijt mij lief; edoch, ik kan met het grootste plezier zonder u.

Stockholm syndroom heb ik allang niet meer, en uwe afwezigheid is mij dierbaar.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Rabbosai, I wish to present, for your general education, a skewed and biased portrait of the Cantonese-American Female.
Having lived with one such for nearly two decades, and having observed the genus for longer than that, I can claim to be an authority on the subject.

There are several characteristics by which the Cantonese-American Female can be recognized.


Cantonese-American Females like literature. Years ago Savage Kitten would lie on the bed laughing maniacally while reading Barbara Cartland and other romance authors. Then she became fascinated with greedy bitches, and read everything she could lay her hands on about Nancy Reagan, Imelda Marcos, and Hollywood gold-diggers. At present she is obsessed with sleazy royal sex - Caroline of Brunswick's lack of hygiene (her petticoats ponged - she changed them once a year whether necessary or not), Henry the Eighth's syphilitic leg-sore (which oozed, stank, and frightened his mistresses), Barbara Villiers (later Duchess of Cleveland) and her raids on the royal treasury as well as the spur of the moment rape of an amazingly limber male carnival performer while she was still the king's mistress (and still married to Roger Palmer, who became Baron of Limerick and Earl of Castlemaine because of her services).
Reading about crazy rich white people is great entertainment.


Unlike many of the modern generation, the typical Cantonese-American Female has a keenly honed mathematical ability. She is able to give exact change, figure out the sales-tax, or keep track of how many times you blinked while surreptitiously ogling her out of the corners of your eyes. She also knows where all of your fingers are at all times. She probably despises calculators.
As far as the passage of time is concerned, however, she may be crippled. She may lament, for instance, that it has been "so very long since I bought any jewelry, so very very long", when it has been less than six days since the last purchase. Or wail that she hasn't had a lobster "in like, for EVER" (two weeks ago).
Or, if it is late, she may astutely observe "we should go to sleep now", then keep you up for hours speculating about important things such as what sauce goes well with roast wombat, or whether her teddy bear (The Head Roomie) is really happy. Banana compote? Is it fatty? Garlic? Hey, is wombat even kosher? Fermented black beans, probably, with rice wine and dark vinegar. And would the teddy bear approve of such a dish? What do you want to eat for dinner tomorrow?


Cantonese have a creative vocabulary. Much of which, if literally translated, is not nearly as shocking as a contextually accurate rephrasis.
Locutions that precisely translate as 'salt-fish panties', 'dead eighth spinster', 'return your stinky feet', 'chuck your dried oyster', 'hit your stinky dented whore's head' ....... these are not really transparently blunt.
Salt fish is what the squidgy parts of a clapped-out old slag might smell like, eighth spinster suggests both habitual incest (eight refers to turtles) and unmarriageable-ugly-stupid-vile, the returning of stinky feet has something to do with your parents and their bad genetic stock, dried oyster misnames a part of the female body, and the last one is, I hope, somewhat self-explanatory.
She claims that this is all exaggerated (foul-mouthed, her? Hah forsooth!) and in any case "occupationally acquired Tourettes Syndrome", caused by long exposure to the fine white Christians at the charity at which she used to work.
Apparently middle-aged white Christians are incredibly foul-mouthed, you just wouldn't believe. In Chinese, too. Honestly. Crazy white people.


The Cantonese-American Female is food obsessed. You can lure her with lobster, shellfish, steamed fatty seabeast, more lobster, crabs, shrimp, eels, delicious pork products, salty and savoury delicacies, another lobster, noodles, European chocolates, dainties, and rarities..... And, for about one week per month, with buckets of fried chicken and ranch dressing. In that week she will also eat Baco-Corn-Nibbles, Sour Cream and Cheddar Potato Gooblies, Zesty Barbecue flavour Cheez-Poofs, Salty Creamcheese Ripplettes, and Shrimp-Flavour Crispotits. While bemoaning the sudden appearance of a pimple, and the lack of lobster.


If it's fuzzy and it smells nice, it is good. Sock Puppets, Teddy Bears, small furry 'roomies', favourite sweaters, and FuzBert.
What, you may ask, is FuzBert? FuzBert is what comes out of the shower - why she nicknamed my stomach 'FuzBert' is a mystery to me, but it speaks to her. Without my wanting it to. FuzBert, apparently, disagrees with almost everything I say. I have not been able to shut him up.


Cantonese girls like pretty things. But diamonds, on this case, are NOT a girl's best friend. Pearls, jade, and Mexican Silver Jewelry are.
For that last category, E-bay is Hashem's gift to the Cantonese girl, and the internet site that she visits most often (several times a day, I think). She is particularly fond of little fright-head brooches and pins, and also of period costume jewelry (the craftsmanhship of old pieces is so much better than the crap available nowadays). Pearls, of course, accentuate her pale skin and swan-like neck. And jade is jade. All Chinese like jade.
Diamonds are for ugly old white women with turkey wattles only. Feh.


Finding panties that are all cotton, have a nice pattern or texture, and are THE RIGHT SIZE, is a potent source of joy. Even in San Francisco, most underwear is meant for large white women. Who really wants to wear baggy granma pants? And why are white women's rear ends big as a bucket? These are questions that every Cantonese girl eventually asks, after ending up in the teenage girls department. One is tempted to go shop at Sanrio for Hello-Kitty Panties instead. At least those come in reasonable sizes, rather than pale heffalump huge.


Currently half of the female student-body at Lowell High School is reading Twilight, or its sequels and rip-offs. The combination of feeding (see FOOD above), danger, and romance, proves irresistible to Cantonese girls with healthy (although repressed) appetites. Those angular features, steely eyes, and firm chins, oh my! Years ago, the series 'Forever Knight' had a similar appeal, and whispering the name (Geraint Wyn Davies) of the actor who played the vampire Nick Knight into her ear would cause her to blush and squeal. It was magic.
I should point out that the right kind of vampire is white. Black vampires are just funny (remember 'Blacula'?), and Chinese vampires don't have it - they're merely reanimated corpses. But ageless, angular, vulpine or acquiline causasians, so deliciously dangerous..... Oh YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!
Geraint Wyn Davies. Squeal blush twitch.

Of course, for more on the subject of Cantonese-American girls, you could visit one of them here:

It turns out Cantonese-American girls also have a thing for Hennesy brandy.

See here:

The culmination of a quest detailed here:

Which was begun here:

A regretful distaste for fiery spirits becomes fortuitously apparent here:

I am thrilled by the concept of petite Cantonese-American girls brightly redfaced from the merest sip of liquor.
I find my life now strangely enriched.


As per ancient minhag:

Happy Chanukah to me,
Happy Chanuka to me!
Happy Chanuka to all of us......
But especially, to me!


Three pairs of socks.

I like socks.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


The one redeeming feature of the Trinitarian Festival of Greed™ (T-fog, or Yule in your language) is the surfeit of chocolate. Normally our salesreps send us giftbaskets filled with crackers, nuclear-winter cheese, strange confections, and chocolate. Business friends gift us similarly, as do contacts, clients, customers, and service providers. Baskets, baskets, baskets.

So that means lots of crackers, nuclear-winter cheese, confectionery, and chocolate.

This year's nuclear-winter cheese was actually very interesting. It wasn't the usual nuke-o-tronic Cheddar, coloured hell-orange, and oily-spreadable, that we have received in years past. Instead, something calling itself 'Brie-Product'. From absolutely nowhere near France.
Yes, it had the same caulky texture, and I suspect the surplus that did not get giftbasketed this year will end up weather-proofing houses in Wisconsin. But it was much milder than the electric orange chemi-goo.
Not bad.

I suspect that this is due to the price of oil. They probably had to find a substitute ingredient. Conceivably one based on an edible member of the animal kingdom.
Change is good.

Once the S&M cheese was gone, we moved on to the chocolate-covered raisins and other fruits. I've never understood the concept of chocolate-coating fruit, because it takes mediocre fruits and industrial chocolate that wasn't good enough to stand on its own, and combines them into little chewy fart-pellets that leave sticky shreds between your teeth. Somehow that doesn't seem like a good idea. This year we were overloaded with the chocolate-covered raisins and other fruits. Boruch Hashem for ventilation.

After the downpour of chocolate covered mouse-droppings, we got cakes and bakery products.
Yes, fruitcake.
And cheese-straws.
I now know what some of the surplus Brie-product was used for.

Wisconsin, please find something else to do, you are killing us.

The jar of stone-ground mustard is just baffling. What was the intended purpose? For the cakes? For the cheese-straws? For the chocolate-covered fruits?
And why did every single gift-basket have such a jar?

I'm beginning to think that Savage Kitten is right:
White People Are Goofy!

She's getting chocolate today.
No fruits.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Now that the yuletide smarm has crested, and only the letdown is left (yes, I'm talking about the fact that many people did not get the pricy plastic crap for which they pined), I suppose I should mention what Christmas means to me.

Miserable weather.

Growing up in Valkenswaard (a small burg in the Dutch province of North-Brabant), the Christmas season was always marked by drear, fog, rain, gloom, mist, sleet, howling winds, and influenza.

And midnight mass.

We never went, but we could hear them. Our house was on the south-western corner of the market square, the Saint Nicholas church was diagonally opposite. Sometimes snow would muffle the sound, but more often not. The climate has changed, and the famous wintry vistas of the mediaeval masters have long ceased to be the dominant visual in the Netherlands.

Catholicism in the regions south of the three rivers has long been vestigial, a matter of pride and stubbornness more than anything else (except, of course, for pockets of verkramptheid such as produced that bitter anti-Semite former prime minister Andries van Agt).
Most Catholics remember that their parents and grandparents were more or less second class citizens, in practice barred from high position and public office, and with few avenues for education or advancement.
For two centuries after the eighty year war against Spain the church of Rome was banned, and services were held in secret. For that entire time, the Catholic hierarchy of the Netherlands was subject to Calvinist meddling and sabotage, except in nominally separate territories such as Ravenstein.
The regions of Brabant and Limburg were conquered territories (Generality Lands) administered directly from the Hague, not to be re-incorporated or granted rights until the remainder of both provinces had been freed. Which was not part of the program. Not until the nineteenth century did the Calvinists come to terms with the fact that over one third of the Dutch were, in fact, resolutely not Calvinist.

During that period, Catholicism survived. A stubborn and stunted folk-Catholicism, from the ground up rather than from the top down. Defensive, quiet, and hidden from official view.
Catholic faith flourished in the context of the Schutters Gilden - the militia guilds of the small towns and villages in the Meiery of Den Bosch. Most of the guilds were named after the patron saint of the community, and served as loan society, social safety net, and burial society, in the absence of other organizations. During the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, members invested generously in guild silver - plaques, beakers, and such like - both as a means of adding glory to their civitat, and to build capital. Many guilds consequently had impressive hoards of silver, the accumulation of generations.

Which, once the Catholic church was legal again, it energetically set about robbing.

The edifice of the church in Brabant and Limburg is founded upon priestly theft and official connivance.

One can perhaps understand why when the Pope visited the Netherlands, security precautions had to be better than when Hirohito came. Historically, the natives have a bone to pick. Rome betrayed them in the fifteen hundreds, in the sixteen hundreds, in the eighteen hundreds, and in the nineteen hundreds. And denied that they existed during the seventeen hundreds.
There is a history there.

The guilds still flourish, and still serve as the focus of much civic life. They have again amassed silver. The pride in Outer en Heerd (altar and hearth - the two fundaments of small town identity) is stronger than ever. The men of the guilds, on the feast-days of their patron saint still march into THEIR church, with their antiquated weapons and their banners, to the rolling thunder of war drums. It is truly a stirring spectacle.

It might be the only time many of them have actually been there that year.

They dislike the priest, regard the church functionaries as leeches, and genuinely despise the entire foreign branch of the church as thieves, meddlers, and arrogant busybodies.

But on Christmas eve, as per ancient custom, they will once more go to church. And utterly diminish whatever message the padre chose to deliver with the glory of their singing.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Tis the season for fried food. No, not deep-fried turkey, even though I hear that it makes the tofu-like taste of that horrid creature actually palatable, nor corn-dogs or chimichangas, but latkes.

[If you want to fry other stuff, that is your own look-out. I wholeheartedly approve of deep-fat and mega-fryolaters. Or cauldrons of super-heated peanut oil on the Weber out behind the garage. And I keenly look forward to reading about your house in the newspaper. Go for it.
Just don't do tofurky - it tastes like crap no matter what.]


One and a half pounds of potato (about four regular baking potatoes), peeled.
One large onion, peeled.
Half a dozen sprigs parsley, very finely minced.
Two eggs.
Salt, pepper.
Two TBS flour (preferably potato flour, but regular will do).

Grate potatoes and onions with a quick hand, squeeze out excess moisture in a sieve or doubled cheesecloth, and mix all ingredients together.
Heat some oil in a frypan, spoon in a couple of mounds of the latke batter, and flatten with a spatula or the back of the spoon. Fry crispy on one side, turn over and do the other. Drain on papertowels on a heated plate.

Do not make the latkes too thick - they will not cook through before turning too dark.
Do not make latkes too large - they will not hold together well.
Do not use olive oil - it has too low a burning temperature.

Serve with homemade applesauce: peel and slice some crisp apples, put in an enamel pan with a dash of calvados, a squeeze of lemon, a little sugar, and a pinch of Ceylon cinnamon. Cook on low till the apples can be broken up with a fork.

Or serve with Dilled Sour Cream: mix half a cup sour cream, one tablespoon finely snipped fresh dill, a few drops lemon juice, and a pinch of salt.

Drained yoghurt can be substituted for the sour cream.

Blackstrap molasses or Dutch appel stroop (thick stroppy apple syrup) are, though odd, also good. For homemade appel stroop simmer down some concentrated apple juice (some sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice optionally added) till thick and gluggy.

This is a reposting of my recipe from here:

I also provide recipes for bemuelos (sfganios), olliebollen (oil balls), and appel flappen (apple beignets) in that post.


Occasionally, I rip-off other people's fine texts. This is not because I have nothing to say (I would say something anyway), but because I like what they wrote, and I like people reading my blog, and I think it good to combine the two.

Read what the famous and infamous "THEY" wrote, on MY blog - It's win-win.

Today's featured rip-off-ee is Tzipporah, who suggests pertinent ways to 'discourage' people of the Jewish ilk from celebrating Christmas.

1. "Hey did you know that latkes, unlike that giant gingerbread cookie you're eating, have NO calories, so long as you eat them with applesauce? No, really, it's true -they cancel each other out in your digestive system."

2. "Wow, nice tree. Looks just like the one that caught fire and burned down Joshua's house last year. Oh, you didn't hear about that?"

3. "Oh, thanks for the gifts, but we follow the Hanukkah tradition of just giving gelt. But if that's what you like, I guess we'll just keep the $500 we were going to give you and go buy you some kitsch, instead."

4. (loudly) "Yes, sweetie, Aunt Mira IS just like the Hellenized Jews that got slaughtered by our heroic Maccabean ancestors. But it's really not nice to point that out."

This comment string:
Appended to this post:
On this blog that is very-well-worth reading :

TZIPPORAHTzipporah is a not-infrequent commenter on Dovbear's blog - and it seems as if her best moments are the short, snarky, and to-the-point comments that she leaves there.
This is unfortunate, because she has both a grasp of the material, and insightfull intelligence, and should be able to express both well independently and at length. But she has an infant, you see, and that takes away from her time - so much so that dimsum-like sparks, and the very occasional short piece, are all that we can expect from her for a while.
But just wait until the kid goes to school.

Tzipporah's own blog:


Note: The use of ilk in my intro: Not in a negative sense, but instead of the term 'persuasion'.

Persuasion, in my view, indicates a general system of beliefs which are adhered to by the persuadee. Much like one could convert to Buddhism, Idol Worship, Christianity, or Astrology-Witchcraft-Tarot Reading.
[Or even the latest crackpot faith: '700 Billion Bail-out Solves All Woes'. Which is probably better than self-castration followed by putting on black shirts, Nikes, purple sheets, and drinking phenobarbitol mixed with vodka. But hey, who am I to judge other people's weird avodah zara? If YOU like the black shirt and sneakers thing, go right ahead. Do it. It's cheaper than sucking the treasury dry.]

Judaism, however, includes membership in an ethno-culturo-religio-ritual unity. An 'ilk', in other words.
[So, in short: Jews are members of an ilk, somewhat Jewishy bloggers have a persuasion. ]

I consider myself largely Jewish-persuaded, but I am not a Jew, nor likely to become one.

I am too stubborn, and too much a skeptic to convert (i.e. to sincerely and formally assume membership of the 'ilk', and be accepted as a member).

And for those exact same reasons, I will not celebrate Christmas - I am too much a skeptic, and much too stubborn.
[Plainly stated, resolutely neither a member of any Trinitarian 'ilk', nor in any way persuaded by the Nicene credulity either.]

I will nevertheless be giving gifts this season. This is NOT in celebration of Christmas, but in very grudging acknowledgement of the tradition of skeptics, apikorsim, agnostikim, and atheists buying-in to the general custom, and overlapping our giftery with the Trinitarian Festival of Greed™.
[No, it's not festivus! There is no pole, there are no feats of strength - stop trying to win converts!]

It is a purely pragmatic approach. We do not wish to be burned at the stake, and there are no other convenient occasions to hijack.

We celebrate chocolate. And cynicism. And hugely uncomfortable weather.

Possibly also fine pottery.

But we do not have a tree-cadaver anywhere on the premises.

Monday, December 22, 2008


I dislike Christmas. I dislike the shopping season. I dislike the nudniks who dive headfirst into the shopping season as the be-all and end-all of their pathetic consumerite existences. But most of all, I dislike Christmas music.

There is something infernal about the same twenty songs played over and over again, in different versions as sung by different smarm-meisters, many of them small and shrill and cute, that eventually rots brains. You did not WANT to memorize these songs. After all, the words are uniformly sappy and vapid - but here you are, humming them to yourself or even whistling the tunes.


It's all a dastardly plot. The multi-clawed crab creatures from planet nine are just waiting for your brain to turn to lime-jello under the influence of repetitious bad music, whereupon they will land and herd all of you into cattle pens. They need protein, you are meat. And, after the stress-damage to your cerebellum from saccharine lyrics, you are now very dumb meat. There is no sentience left, I can see the scrambled brain matter trickling out of your long-suffering ears. It has been replaced with sugar plums, and you, yes you, are now particularly sweet.

[The brain-fill sugar plums came from WalMart. They were made in China. By slaves in prison-camps. They contain dangerous chemicals. But they were SOOOOO cheap that you bought a ten-pound box for everybody in the trailer park. Which they will, as if addicted, scarf down entirely between xmas eve and new-year.s Then they will die. You will have killed them with that toxic sugar goo. As well as yourself, because you ate TWO boxes. At least. Doesn't it feel goooooooooood?1/]

Jingle Bells, sung in Chinese by teeny urchins, is particularly nasty.
I wished to purchase something in C'town over the weekend - something entirely unconnected with the Trinitarian Feast of Greed© - and fled before I accomplished my mission.
I wish to protest this horrid tradition. I keenly desire to see all cd's of holiday music banned, burned, bombed, and just generally splintered. Smashed by angry bears. Then set fire to.

I am fervently praying for power blackouts and magnetic disturbances. May the celebrants this season all get the bollocky pox.

Friday, December 19, 2008


In the past I have mentioned that I deal with teenage girls, and some adults who are not ready for primetime. This in the context of contacting customers and requesting that they hurry up and pay our past-due invoices.

[My portfolio of accounts include a fair number of small to medium sized retail stores. Hence the teenage girls. I did not choose the girls; they were hired by the retailers in question because they were friendly and non-threatening, unlike 'Spike', who also applied for the job - he's nineteen, twixt Goth and Deathmetal, and has multiple piercings and tattoos.]

Some of my customers, however, are bigger than that. And in consequence have employed people of even more marginal functionality.

Apparently invoices in the mid five figure range can only be processed by badly trained monkeys. Or morons, idiots, and poltroons.


Hello Buffy,
I note that invoices 123456 and 124678 are coming due on the 29th and the 30th respectively. Please advise regarding payment.

There was no response.

Hello Buffy,
Invoices 123456 and 124678 are now past-due.
Please advise regarding payment asap.

Again, no response.

Why is this on credit hold?

Because they are past-due on two invoices.
Inv. 123456 due 11/29/08
Inv. 124678 due 11/30/08
Queries were sent to Buffy twice: the first time on November 24th, when I asked him to inform me about payment; the second time yesterday, when I reiterated that query and indicated urgency.
I courtesy-copied you, Throckmorton, and Brandee Wineslops on the second query.

To which Moshe replied:
Spoke with Buffy. He said he has payment posted and we should see checks by next week.

Fast forward to today. Their last order was released based on expectation of payment for the two invoices which are now seriously past-due. And note that mail from Clogbucket City to civilization, even at this time of year, only takes five business days.

Hello Buffy,
We have not received payment yet for the above captioned invoices (your purchase order nos. A98765 and B97643 respectively).
We were informed that payment was posted and that we should expect the cheques to arrive this week.
Please advise regarding cheque numbers and mailing date.
Thank you.

His response:

Hi BOTH: I can’t give you any information on PO’s as my part of the system goes by invoice number. We are writing checks again on Tues.

Please note that the invoice numbers were in the subject line of all inquiries sent to Buffy. They were visible, and identified as invoice numbers, in Buffy's response.

[The PO explanation looks like a fob-off, and mention of Tuesday's cheque run suggests that the cheques have not been written yet, contrary to communication on 12/11/2008.
But the brevity of his response hints that Buffy and reading-comprehension may have parted ways shortly after graduation from Clogbucket City High.]

My most recent e-mail:
To reiterate: I am inquiring about invoice 123456 and invoice 124678.
On the eleventh of December I was informed that payment had been posted, and to expect the cheques to arrive this week. We have not received the cheques yet.
Can you give me cheque numbers and mailing dates please?

With all due respect to my fellow humans, many of whom are deficient in several ways and some of whom are utter defectives, and in consideration of the fact that a large number of the above captioned have against any and all logical expectation managed to find gainful employment, if I had my druthers I would prefer to only communicate with the aforementioned teenage girls regarding past-due invoices.
They are sincere. They are helpful. They are capable of understanding that questions need actual answers. And they are capable of stating "please hold a sec, I dropped my pencil', or asking how I spell my name.

Note also that this post is for Tzipporah, who excused herself from posting more on her own blog by writing:
"I have nothing to blog. My life is dull and empty, in between the moments of extreme chaos. Although some days there is chocolate. (cut) ... it's all complaints, and the people about whom I would complain know about my blog. So, I just stifle it and swear under my breath. "

See Tzipporah, I just posted one long screaming kvetsh-kretsh about emptiness and chaos.
It can be done. And it feels very good indeed to do so.
As commenter Spiros said: "You don't see lack of anything to write about stopping BOTH from posting, do you? I mean, he writes about people taking away his red swingline stapler, for heaven's sake! "

I want my red swingline stapler back, I want more chocolate, and I want forty days of torrential rain to hit Buffy in Clogbucket City.
I hope Buffy's backyard washes away in the flood and takes his begonias with it.

But basically, I just want to vent.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Fellow San Franciscan blogger Snooky Wong proposes nine elementary rules of conduct on her blog, which, in my opinion, admirably state how one is supposed to behave in public.

You may wish to print them out and furtively reread them while on the bus or train, or at other times when you are unsure of the etiquette expected of you by your fellow-travelers.
In which case, it pays to laminate.


No. 1: I am not a cat.
No. 2: I do NOT want to rub myself all over with butter, and far less let anyone else do it.
No. 3: Redundancy is not witty.
No. 4: Redundancy is not witty.
No. 5: Exclamation points are a way of life - live with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No. 6: Monty Python is cool. Monty Python fans, maybe not. The jury is still out.
No. 7: With or without bagels, dating is seriously out of the question. I don't have time for that. There's just too much homework, and people could see us, and it would be too embarrassing, and boys have sweaty sticky hands. And ick. Seriously. Ick.
No. 8: I now know about ghee, but I'm never going to use it. Go read number two.
No. 9: Please keep all your greasy hands to yourself. I'm very very happy you're here, but no touching! Please see number two again. Ick.

You may peruse her blog here:

The post from whence these rules were lifted is here:

Please act appropriately.


Other blogs suitable for December reading:

Discernible Chaos
Fog-loving Zionist, among other things.

It's not a dump truck, it's a series of Jews
Two gentlemen of either leisure or high-school - you get to figure out which.

Jeremy Rosen
A thoughtful rabbi. Perceptive, and insightful.

Midianite Manna
Academe, a Baby, a Feline, and a Kohen. Go kvetch at her to be more blogsome.

On The Contrary: Judaism with Comments Enabled
Another thoughtful rabbi. You deserve it.

Suzy's adverts
All about bad dates and living the Jewish life with a sexually insane roommate.

Blinding flashes of intellect, just a little too late.

And, as always, browse through the blogroll - it is there for your convenience (actually, it is there for MY convenience). There have been several additions over the past few months. Some are food related, many are not.
You will also note that in the manga section, Hello Kitty Hell is listed. It is not a manga blog, but I did not know where else to put it. It is copiously illustrated. You will laugh. You will cry. You will vomit.


It looks like I have to restate this: I do NOT do net ninety terms. Ever.

Net ninety, for those of you who are not in business, means that you would have ninety days after invoice date to pay for what you bought. Net thirty is standard, net sixty is a rare privilege. These terms are relevant if you purchase merchandise, goods, or services.
PrePay, like self-service, gets you what you want, when you want it. The great advantage of always being on PrePay is that you really do not have to worry about your order being held-up at my end because you are past-due on your account. If your terms are PrePay, you are not past-due.

If you are not in business, OR you understand my point of view, this post is not for you.
It is for 'other' people.


I don't care what cockamamie deal your franchise's corporate headquarters tried to float past all the other suppliers in this industry, I do NOT do net ninety. You should know that by now. Every time your good trade group, or whatever franchise you front, or even your catalogue broker, tried to weasel net ninety into the deal, I patiently and with great forbearance chewed them another one and sent them to therapy.

Net ninety does NOT exist in my world. Net ninety, like the fantasy birth of some saviour or other, is absolute heresy. Uttering the words net ninety in my ear, is enough to put you, and your account, and your relatives, friends, and all of your sheep and camels, into cherem.
Please remember that.

We know from net thirty. Sometimes we allow net sixty for certain deals. But never, ever, never in a thousand years, will we do net ninety. You should be ashamed of yourself for even doubting this. And you should be wracked with self-doubt, nearly convinced of your own low i.q. and your failure to be a sentient being. You are "special" - and you know it.
Suggesting that OTHER suppliers do allow net ninety is NOT relevant. I do not care what they do; they are very stupid. Their businesses are failing in droves every year. We will NOT follow their example.
If you cannot pay your bills in thirty days (or, exceptionally, in sixty days), you should fire your bookkeeper (even if she is your sister who has a drunken husband and five brats to support), and also reconsider your business plan. Something is wrong. We will NOT underwrite your insane optimism and lack of perspective.

Crazy I am NOT paid to be. Not in this field. My loopiness, though icing on my employer's cake, does NOT extend to terms. Some of you may already know that; I have your home phone numbers, and, in a few rare cases, I know where your children go to school or how big the swimming pool in your backyard is. Collection agencies are on my speed dial.
Do NOT tempt me.
There will NOT be any net ninety terms ever.

If you are still unclear on the concept, please reread this. And if you have to reread it several times more, may your eyes bleed from the effort, you heathen.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The honourable mr. Aboutaleb needs to find a roof over his head in Rotterdam.
Apparently burgomaster Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam is legally required to live in the city of which he is the mayor. The law allows him a year's grace in which to find a suitable dwelling for himself and family - he has twelve months in which to achieve the impossible.
[Note: Burgomasters in the Netherlands are appointed by the government, not elected. This detail is only slightly germane to the rest of this post. I made mention of mr. Aboutaleb's appointment here:
Mr. Aboutaleb becomes Rotterdam's mayor on the fifth of January.]

This blog wishes him the best of luck finding housing in that town. Rotterdam is, to this blogger, the very arm-pit of Europe, and should count itself exceptionally favoured by his appointment. He is an intelligent, ethical, and very capable man, and one sympathizes with his quandary.
I myself would not wish to live in that place, and long ago resolved to avoid it like the plague.
[See this post:
In this short piece I dump as much bile over Rotterdam as her natives do over everyone and everything else. They deserve it.]

Predictably, several persons writing in Dutch (and by so doing bringing disgrace to the noble language of Vondel and Brederode) have suggested precisely what Ahmed Aboutaleb should do, and where he should go. They were inspired to do so because mr. Aboutaleb is a Dutchman of Moroccan extraction - and the Netherlands is not nearly as tolerant as it would pretend to be.
[For an illustration of "not nearly as tolerant as it pretends" see this post:
One example is given, several more are available. The list, alas, grows larger with each passing day. ]

I will not reproduce their appalling texts, but will merely state that if, one hundred years from now, people still read Dutch, they will not be rereading those angry comments, but will more likely be reading the prose of Abdulkader Benali, another talented Dutchman of Moroccan extraction - and one of the best Dutch writers of this generation.
Our literature would be poorer without him, just as Dutch society would be impoverished without the many talented Moroccans who call the Netherlands their home.

Her immigrants do her credit, her natives..... sometimes not.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Dialogue overheard in elevator:

Blonde no. 1: "Wow, all those smokers. I used to smoke but I quit. Now I only smoke when I drink."

No. 2: "Me too! [...pause...] Of course, I go to a bar nearly every evening.... "

Blonde no. 1: "Thank G-d it's Friday, we get off early today."

No. 2: "Hey, wanna go have a drink after work?"


Somebody needs to teach those girls about the classic combination of a Martini, a good juicy steak, and ciggies. But they're probably vegetarians.
Besides, if it became common knowledge, beef prices might go through the roof.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


The question was posed on Dovbear's blog "what to do if you suspect that the kosher meat on your table has been butchered and packed by 16-year-old Guatemalan girls forced to work 20-hour days under threat of deportation."
Es iz a sehr tiefe un' shverre shailah, b'emmes.

[See this post:
And while you are at it, you might also want to read this:
in which Curious Jew notes down what was said at the panel discussion about ethics and kashrus that Steg mentioned here: ]

Clearly, what needs to be done is that those girls be obliged to wear very long skirts, baggy and unrevealing clothing that covers them up to the neck and down to the wrist, with complete and modest hair coverings, so that they do not tempt a saintly Mashgiach with their vixenish ways.

If ALL women wore properly modest attire (longs skirts, long sleeves, high collars, and sheitlach), there would soon be peace in the world, the Arabs would start to disappear, and moshiach would come.

It is davka BECAUSE of the horrible modern standards of tzenua, and the unwarranted (possibly even goyish) criticism of frimme companies that do mitzvos like kosher schechting (while charitably providing employment for the unworthies from 'outside', nota bene!), that the world is the mess that it is.

And twenty hour a day employment certainly prevents those damsels from getting into any trouble. We don't even know what they are like - without 20hr a day supervision, who knows? Harlotry, witchcraft, Buddhism, murder, drugs, and unwanted Goytemalan babies! The world is bad enough as it is, please don't make it any worse!

I am, of course, assuming that the mashgechim are NOT working 20 hour days. Their job requires them to be alert and capable of training their eagle eyes on everything in the work place. For a twenty hour shift, at least three mashgechim are required, preferably twice that number to be on the safe side, and to act as a check on any possible licentious behaviour that the girls might engage in.

My respect goes out to the mashgechim at that meat-packer, as I find it hard to even calmly ponder undocumented underage girls working twenty hours a day, but they actually are exposed to them.
If my hands are sweaty at this point just thinking about it, they must be absolutely quivering!
They have my deepest sympathy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As was to be expected when AIPAC brings their traveling dog and pony show to San Francisco, both the pro-Israel and the anti-Israel camps showed up to demonstrate.

The displays of anger from both sides were impressive, the displays of sanity and rational behaviour far less so.

I had several conversations with members of the other side. Some were better than others.

Oddly, the good conversations were with people who identified themselves as Jewish, though they came in solidarity with the 'destroy-Israel' crowd.
A number of them voiced valid concerns.

My conversations with Arabs were far-less salutary - I listened to several of them working themselves into fits of rage, almost always culminating with 'destroy Israel', or similar sentiments. I doubt that any of them will ever acknowledge Israel's right to exist within secure borders, and a cessation of rockets, bombs, assaults. They are capable of homicidal fury, and several of them apparently do not believe we are human (which they expressed quite bluntly, with absolutely no possibility of doubt).
But a number of them did voice valid concerns.

There were chants conveying that Israel would be destroyed, wiped off the map, "liberated", expunged, punished, enslaved.
Not surprising.

Some of the slogans chanted by the other side reflected a depravity to which I had heretofore not been exposed - in particular, "Israel supporters watch your back, we will throw you down a shaft".

This refers to one of our core-members who was found dead last week at the bottom of an elevator shaft. I do not take the chant as an admission of guilt. But I do take it as a very clear expression of threat, demonstrating that there are indeed potential murderers (and undoubtedly some who have already realized that potential) among the Bay Area Arab population.

In consequence, I shall cease shopping at Arab stores, and only take cabs chauffeured by Sikhs. While I like many Arabs, I cannot trust them. There is far too much hatred and bigotry in their ranks.
[Bear in mind, I have also heard unsanitary remarks about black people from Arabs - to quote an Arab food seller in SF recently: "You really think they'll let that nigger be president? Back in Gaza we say if you buy a slave, first buy the whip. Bush already has the whip".
What that same individual said about Chinese people several years ago was just as appalling. And his friends all agreed with him at that time. Such people are no credit to their kind.]

I am both baffled and outraged that Jewish Voice for Peace, Bay Area Women in Black, and others of the attending collaborationists did not protest at the quoted chant, nor disagree with the hateful anti-Semitism in that as well as other chants. Their "resolute" presence supported those messages of hate. What part of murderous inclinations do they not get?

And, speaking of people who are not a credit to their kind, I will freely admit that a number of our people should have been shot with tranquilizer darts.
I shall have to suggest an 'International Zionist Conspiracy' budget allocation to that end. We might also want to invest in some straightjackets, for those of our supporters who just cannot grasp what we are trying to do, or why.

Kudos to the SFPD for putting up with some very odd behaviour last night.
I promise you guys there will be more of the same at some point.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Rabbosai, as an indication of the type of people who oppose Israel in the Bay Area, I wish to bring two things to your attention.

The first one is the remark made by one of the Women In Black at our counterprotest to their support for Hamas at the Montgomery Street Bart Station (a monthly event).
It was her demented idea of words-of-consolation, perhaps, or some misguided interpretation of the equitability of karma.
Pursuant the death of pro-Israel activist Dan Kliman, who may have been pushed into the elevator shaft by one of this woman-in-black's depraved associates or lovers, she said: "what goes around comes around".


Sweety, if that is true, it works both ways.
I may wish to address you on that issue the next time I see that puffy face with those mean little eyes. I'll have to stoop to your level.

The second is an e-mail we have received from one of the more high-principled members of the Sacramento-based Israel-bashers: STEPHEN PEARCY.

I reproduce it below.

From: Stephen Pearcy
Subject: :-)
To: sfvoiceforisrael
Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 10:39 PM

justice prevails in amazing ways

Stephen Pearcy, in case you didn't know, is the activist who displayed mock-ups of dead soldiers with nooses around their necks outside his Sacramento home in 2005.
He is a friend of Cindy Sheehan, and, it is alleged, artistic.
A remarkable individual.

Most of the time he hides out in Berkeley, which offered him, and his wife Virginia, asylum.

Stephen, I can well imagine your "oh aren't I righteous smirk" as you typed that sentence.
You know, Stevie-poo, I really have to wonder whether you are dying your hair. It just doesn't look like it should be that vibrant a hue, considering that receding hairline.


For a lawyer, Stephen, you don't seem to have any understanding of justice. But that was already evident a long time ago. Even to the dysfunctional conspirators with whom you habitually associate. Unfortunately few of them have the decency to avoid ethically crippled trash like you and your wife.
I guess they need the company, eh?


I must confess that I am titillated, as ever, by your having met your wife (the former Virginia Johnson) when she was still in junior high school, the more so as you are eighteen years her senior.
The next time I meet you, you must really tell me all about that. It sounds delicious!
And I do rather admire mathematicians like the two of you, despite your social dis-graces.


NOTE: The e-mail address for Mr. Pearcy is also listed in Indymedia, as well as on notices for the October 27 protest, and at several other places. Don't bother sending fan-letters, as Mr. Pearcy does not habitually respond - he is shy and reclusive.
Instead, you may address your love and concerns to his some-time booncompanions Bill Lockyer and Cindy Sheehan.
What goes around comes around.


There are several protests scheduled for Northern California in the next several days. We live in exciting times. And aren't we lucky?

The anti-AIPAC crowd, which includes some phenomenally psychopathic Israel-haters, will protest outside the AIPAC luncheon. Observe classic anti-Semites and their modern-age fanclub in action while dodging organic fruit and ignorant slogans! Fun for the entire family!
[We've met several of those people - oh boy are they sick. ]

South Bay Mobilization intends to gather all the anti-Israel trolls outside the South Bay AIPAC dinner for hysterical behaviour. These folks are nearly as ungrounded in reality as the Sacramento crowd, but a bit more numerous and potentially violent.
[Evil by conviction, dangerous by design. Only some are medicated.]

California's most anti-Semite-laden metropolis will host Middle East Children's Alliance, Tri-City Peace and Justice, Global Exchange, The Rebuilding Alliance, International Solidarity Movement - Northern California, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Bay Area Women in Black, as they stage what is probably their most popular event of the year: a daemonize Israel by destroying plate-glass windows and lying down in traffic die-in at the Hilton Hotel on O'Farrell Street at the edge of the shopping district.
[Think of it as a group-sex orgy for Jim Harris (hi Jim!) and you will not be far wrong. Welcome to San francisco; please expect evidence of dysfunctionality on a grand scale.]

Stay tuned for updates and reports.

Bli neder, I'll let you know if Jim Harris (hi Jim!) gets lucky.
But don't count on it.


If you haven't already done so, please read Zombie's post about Dan Kliman. It is an excellent source for updated information on the case.
Zombie knew certain aspects of Dan better than almost anybody else possibly could - both had received death-threats for making photos and recordings of the hatred and extremism evident at protests in the Bay Area.
[Zombie is, according to reliable reports, on an extremist hit-list. This is the Bay Area, and we have more unbalanced people here than many other places.]

Zombie's post:
Click: R.I.P. Dan Kliman.

Zombie's main page:
Click: zombietime.
[A great resource about public displays of insanity in the Bay Area - see mention of photos and recordings above.]

OyBay also posted about it:
Click: Unfolding story.

At this point the investigation continues. The SFPD have homicide investigators on the case, but still incline towards calling it an accident. Results will not be known for a while, and almost no information is being made public - that is standard procedure, by the way.

This may lead some to indulge in paranoid conspiracy theories - 'He was murdered for being a gay vegetarian rightwing leftwing purple-striped pro-Israel cat-lover from Mars!' - and others to worry about a cover-up. Both approaches are somewhat unnecessary.

And I note, pursuant thereto, that a previous post ( was Dan Kliman murdered? ) seems to have attracted some remarkable commenters. I am not entirely sure that absolutely all of them are sane. A few of them are probably dangerous.
Feel free to demonstrate where in the spectrum you belong.


3:54 PM 12/05/08 update:

This article in the TimesUnion (Albany, NY) is informative.
There are a few details in that piece that I have not seen elsewhere.

Cinnamon Stillwell has also posted about Dan Kliman.

It is probably worth your while to bookmark Cinnamon Stillwell's blog, as there is often something interesting there.

Of course, if you are one of the anti-Israel trolls, you will not like what you find there. Oh well. Life is tough, isn't it?

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Ways that you can help pay tribute to Dan Kliman's memory
Guest post by SF Voice for Israel

To all members of our local Bay Area Zionist community, and to those around the world connected with us by e-mail:

On behalf of StandWithUs/San Francisco Voice for Israel, I want to thank so many of you who have sent your own expressions of grief and sympathy over Dan Kliman's untimely death. Many of you have asked about plans for a memorial service, since his funeral will be back in Schenectady NY. We are still awaiting word from his synagogue as to whether they are planning anything; if not, then we will organize something ourselves in the very near future and we will announce it on these same lists. We will also shortly post an online location where you can leave expressions of sympathy and remembrance that will be forwarded to his family.

In the meantime, the task that Dan was so devoted to--standing up in public for Israel in the Bay Area-- needs to continue. There are still too many occasions when those who wish to see Israel destroyed take their message to the public, when a pro-Israel presence is needed. So for those of you who have asked "what can I do to help", there are two things you can do.

The first is to donate to Stand With Us; as many of you know, San Francisco Voice for Israel serves as the Bay Area chapter of Stand With Us. You can do this online at, or you can send a check to StandWithUs P.O. Box 341069 Los Angeles, CA 90034-1069. Contributions are tax deductible. There is a place on the website donations page to note that this contribution is in Dan's memory.

The second is to join us this Sunday in Berkeley. Bay Area Women in Black (BAWIB) is a local anti-Israel group that was always a high priority for Dan to counter on the streets; it was so important to him that he, as an observant Jew, gave up attending most Shabbat morning services for the last several years to stand in counterprotest to them at the farmer's market by the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. They will be holding a vigil this Sunday from 1 to 2 PM at the Ashby BART station, where there is also a farmer's market at that time.

Why was BAWIB so important to Dan? Because it especially rankled him that many of them are Jewish, and claimed to be protesting Israel in the name of Judaism. Because they claimed to be protesting for peace, when they condemned every action Israel has taken to defend itself against rocket attacks and terrorism. Because they routinely demonize Israel and apply double standards against the world’s only Jewish State while excusing any Arab crimes against humanity. Because they support the so-called "right" of return of millions of 4th generation descendants of 1948 refugees while they refer to ALL of Israel as "occupied territory". Because they stand together with anti-Semitic organizations. Not only that, but the one time that Dan was the victim of an assault by someone driving by a counterprotest, it was members of BAWIB who attempted (unsucessfully) to physically prevent the police from arresting the perpetrator.

This is an opportunity to stand in Dan's shoes, to be there because he can't. We will do what we usually do-- we will be there with Israeli and American flags and with pro-Israel signs, and pass out flyers to explain to passersby why we are there and what we stand for. BAWIB absolutely hates the fact that we are there, and nothing would have pleased Dan more than to see several hundred Bay Area Zionists show up to peacefully confront them. As counterdemonstrations go, this is pretty low-key-- they stand in silence, so they are not confronting us or yelling anything at us. (However, please also remember that while Dan devoted his activism to countering people such as this, they also were not responsible for his death, so we should not let our grief lead us to do anything beyond a peaceful counterdemonstration.)

This is not taking the place of a memorial service; we will not be making speeches about Dan or doing anything specific other than the grassroots Israel activism that gave such meaning to his life. Please join us. Look for the Israeli flags.

As always, feel free to make your own signs but please no signs or graphics offensive to any racial or ethnic group including but not limited to Arabs, Islam, or Palestinians. Signs in violation of our policies are not welcome.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Not according the SF Police.

"But as San Francisco police combed over the evidence Tuesday, investigators said this is what appears to have happened: Dr. Daniel J. Kliman, an Alameda physician and one of the Bay Area's foremost pro-Israel activists, stepped into an open elevator shaft by accident last week and died."


However building management's statements cast doubt on that theory.

"the building's manager insists the door must have been secured.
The elevator in that shaft was out of order at the time, building manager Brad Bernheim said. By design, doors to a malfunctioning elevator are clamped shut and can be opened only by a mechanic, said Erika Monterroza, spokeswoman for Cal/OSHA."
[SOURCE: same as above.]

There are suspicions that it was an opportunistic hate crime, though Police Inspector Matt Krimsky wishes to dismiss that possibility.

"There is no indication of any foul play at this point, even though I've been getting calls from conspiracy theorists from everywhere, even someone who said they had information from a séance"
[SOURCE: same as above.]

He is supported in his 'doubts' by Penny Rosenwasser, a national board member of Jewish Voice for Peace who asserts: "I can't imagine anyone I know doing something like that".
[SOURCE: same as above.]


Penny, in several years of being on the pro-Israel side in the Bay Area, we have been threatened, punched, pushed, kicked, and spat on. ALL of us in SF Voice for Israel have experienced such things. Many of us have been followed. All of us have been photographed and insulted.
The amount of hatred which is evident at many anti-Israel events is outrageous. I can very well imagine someone you know, Penny, doing anything like that. I can think of several people on the other side who would jump at the opportunity.

The atmosphere created in the Bay Area by the anti-Israel side is such that it is very easy to imagine an opportunistic attack. Those who in a sense of misguided "fairness" vociferate for the Palestinians, support and nourish extremists. Never more so than when, in "solidarity" with their Palestinian brothers and sisters, they stand alongside protestors yelling 'death to the Jews' in Arabic, or promising at the top of their bull-horned lungs to wipe Israel off the map.

Don't lie, Penny. Your type have indeed stood there. You did not object. You did not say anything more balanced and rational to counterweigh the rabid anti-Semitism of your comrades. Nor did you stop them yelling their homicidal hatred. You were proud to stand with Al Awda, International Answer, and supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Jewish Voice For Peace, Bay Area Women In Black, and similar patsy organizations, are the enablers of anti-Semitism in this part of the world. Students for Justice in Palestine, Al Awda, and International Answer thrive on the encouragement they receive from such groups.
If Dan was murdered, you are all guilty of that murder.


There are excellent reasons for doubting that Dan Kliman's death was entirely accidental.

As follows:
*Dan was very well-known to the other side, his picture was posted on several sites identifying him as a Zionist "conspirator" and one of the lead-activists in the Bay Area.
*He had received several death-threats over the years - he was known by name and address.
*The pro-Palestinian side has often either used violence or threatened to do so - Dan was assaulted several times.
*The building where he was found was where he was taking Arabic classes; there were NO classes that week.
*Several members of the other side also take Arabic classes - that is one of the few schools in the area where Arabic is taught, and there is a constantly changing roster of Israel-haters studying Arabic there.
*The defective elevator had been secured so no one could enter it.

I am not going to jump to any conclusions just yet. But I am almighty curious.

And until the police PROVE that it was an accident, I have to suspect that Dan was jumped by pro-Palestinian opportunists, who knew who he was, that the building was nearly empty, and that they would not soon have so excellent a chance to "get that Zionist".

Dan was hated. And he was alone in a place frequented by many of his enemies.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Daniel J. Kliman was found dead yesterday at the bottom of an elevator shaft in the building where he was taking Arabic classes. He is believed to have fallen down the elevator shaft on Tuesday evening 11/25/08.
There were no classes last week. There were very few people in the building at the time. The defective elevator was "secure".
It is still unclear how this happened.

Dan was supposed to fly to Israel last Thursday.


Dan was a founding member of San Francisco Voice for Israel, who tirelessly worked to promote a fair and balanced image for Israel in the Bay Area, regularly facing the threats and insults of anti-Semites and anti-Israel activists for several years.

Dan was a friend, a leader, and an inspiration. And Dan was a colleague, companion, and comrade in so many protests on behalf of Israel.
We, his friends and community, are going to miss him. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.

Monday, December 01, 2008


From The Times of India:

MUMBAI: "There were 24 of us who took one-year training in camps organised by Laskar-e-Taiba at Mansera and Muzzarafabad in Punjab province of Pakistan. Ten of us were later handpicked for the Mumbai operation,'' said Ajmal Amir Kasab during interrogations.

According to sources, Kasab, 21, the only terrorist arrested by the Mumbai police, told his interrogators that Abdul Rahman, an ex-soldier popularly called Chacha, had given them training.

The sources said Kasab explained that the training was divided into seven phases.

"He said the first phase was of ‘very hard physical training’ of three months which included running 10 to 15 km. The next three months were for marine training like swimming, surfing, diving and boating in high seas. The rest included arms and ammunition training,'' said a source.

After the training was over, they were sent to Mumbai for a "short internship'', Kasab is believed to have told the cops. This was the period when the accused did the reccee of the city and even went to the five star hotels (Taj and Oberoi), the sources said.
Sources said the Mumbai operation plot was planned in Karachi some six months ago. Joint commissioner of police (crime) Rakesh Maria said,"We are closely working with the all the central agencies who have earlier handled such situations.''



The Pakistani connection was evident from the very first hour. Such a level of organization pretty much proved that the terrorists had been trained elsewhere, and had been supplied by a hostile foreign nation. The idea that this was put into play by home-grown terrorists is laughable ab initio, and something that only a Pakistani could believe, or could want to believe.

Nor was this an Al Qaeda operation

Paki hatred of India is well-known, as is Paki sponsorship of terrorism.

Mounting this attack was not cheap and took many months to prepare. The entire operation could not have been kept secret for so long unless the security agencies of another country were in on it from the very beginning, and both the base and the training were in that other country.

That other country can only be Pakistan. The funding probably came from both the drug trade being run with Afghan opium by the ISI, and from wealthy Arabs. The logistical support must have been Paki military, the approval was by powerful Paki politicians with ulterior agendas, the cover through a corrupt and co-opted police force.
Certainly there are enough lashkaris and wahhabis in Pakistan, in positions of power, that Pakistan absolutely has to be suspected.

No other government is as likely a suspect.
Or even a possible suspect.

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