Monday, November 22, 2021


The unsoundly moored woman at the far end vocalized, probably more for herself than anyone else. She seemed to be a familiar face there, and I've seen her before, usually quite strangely dressed. I do not think she's sane. Neither does the waitress. Or even 'coffee and a pineapple bun' guy. I had her in view while eating my meal -- because one kind of has to face forward and sit straight while forking rice and panjuices -- but as soon as I finished eating I swivelled ninety degrees. Enjoyed my milk tea while keeping an eye out of the corner of my eye on her.
Eccentric clothing, sounds, and behaviours.
Do not make eye contact.

[Pineapple bun: 菠蘿包 ('po lo bau'); a sweet bun with a top layer of cookie dough which expands at a different rate than the rest during baking, yielding a crackle-crusted confection which presents a pleasant textural dissonance.]

But I enjoyed my lunch. Lamb stew with tofu skins on a bed of lettuce wilting in the pan juices and a pile of rice. With spoonfulls of chili sauce.

[Lamb stew, tofu skin: 枝竹羊腩 ('ji juk yeung naam'); the dried tofu skin, called "bamboo twig" in Cantonese is great for holding gravies and pan-juices, besides being both tasty and nutritious. Cantonese restaurants put lettuce to wilt beneath certain foods when plated; as good a way of sopping up the juices as any, and very pleasant. A vegetable.]

Getting there had been running an obstacle course of stupid white people not wearing masks. Who are all over the place. Sometimes with their little maskless children (clearly expendable), and I'm guessing no relatives or household members that they care about at home.
But once there, there were no white people other than myself nearby.

Intubation: likely a fun part of growing up.
Adventurous white people!

Sorry, it's just that I'm a little peeved at my fellow glow in the dark white people letting the side down so remarkably. I never did expect much better, but this is considerably worse than I even anticipated. Many people are stupid.

Over the past several months I have as much as possible avoided areas where Caucasians congregate. I no longer trust them, and I don't know what idiotic risks they've taken or where they've been. There were none at the restaurant, because Chinese food does not appeal to Caucasians.

I am so glad that this isn't Alaska, Colorado, or North Dakota.
Fewer idiots, lower rate of transmission, much better food.

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