Friday, April 01, 2022


This is the two week run-up to one of accountancy's high holy days. The day for which the pencil and pocket protector crowd has been waiting all year. The day when many otherwise calm individuals start wailing in panic, drinking like fish, and regretting their past lives.
Maybe they should sell the hot tub? Does junior really need to go to college?
Was that new car worth it?

Can I hock grandma's jewels or should I make a run for the Canadian border?

An old friend ran away to Mexico years ago because of taxes. Nobody has seen him this side of the border in over a decade. We all follow his Facebook page, however. Pictures of cocktails and women wearing bikinis drenched in golden sunlight.
The sea is in the background.

Taxes in Mexico are a simpler affair.
You pay now, Gringo.
It's better for you.

Traditionally, in very Wasp circles, rabbits are mentioned first thing on the first day of the month for good luck. Rabbits are a tax deductible business expense.
Comforting presences. Solid. And they are hard workers.

Far better than hottubs, junior's education, and new cars.

Rabbit rabbit.

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