Wednesday, April 06, 2022


It's probably one of my many least likeable facets; tourists irritate me. Especially the white Southerners on Stockton Street, and the upper middle class South American young adults on Ross Alley loudly clusterfudged for a long time outside the milk tea place. Where entirely by coincidence I was enjoying a big glass of cold milk tea. Because it was too warm today for hot milk tea. And unlike the white Southerners on Stockton Street I do not dress like a refugee from Dukes Of Hazard or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

You know, for a very big woman to wear a pair of hotpants that show off her posterior cheeks in their entirety is just mean. Little old Cantonese grannies do NOT need to have glowing flabby orbs at eye level. And, because I was sitting down at the time, neither did I.
Kudos on the number of bacon-cheeseburgers that took.

This is, again, one of the reasons why I tend to eat at places which do not cater to my kind. Loretta Thundershanks ain't likely have lunch there. But I bet I could do a booming business, in Chinatown, if I opened a restaurant that in big bold letters boasted that it would add bacon and cheese to anything. Hot and sour soup with bacon and cheese? Can do! Deepfried dough pocket filled with kung pao shrimp, then broiled to melt the cheese and bacon together? Also can! Today's special: crab rangoon. With bacon and cheese.
Pickled jalapeños and ranch dressing optional, just ask.
We'll nachofy anything!
Hot weather doesn't work well for me.

My feet hurt, my calves hurt, my thighs too. My shoulder blades.
This is one of the side effect of blood pressure meds.
Plus I turn into a meanspirited blister.
That's being Dutch.


A completely logical man would spend today and tomorrow languorously swanning around naked in an airconditioned space, not on the top floor nor exposed to direct sunlight, with basins of damp washcloths distributed about. But a person requires lunch, as well as company. Human contact. And I'm not nearly antisocial enough for that.
No one needs to be exposed to such exposure.

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