Saturday, April 02, 2022


Food should inspire. What I had for lunch on Friday didn't. It was a very nice and beautiful prepackaged sandwich from a nearby convenience store that lacked all flavour. Intellectually it had a lot going for it; but that bread and those meats! Why my fellow Americans think that sliced turkey is worth eating baffles me.

Sliced turkey is the American equivalent of boiled sponge.

As far as big meat birds go, couldn't we have chosen flavour over volume?

Seagulls, for instance, or even Canada Geese. Ostriches!

Tough and stringy, maybe. But not bland.

Do not expect me to do a chipper song and dance over a no character colourless textureless fatless tasteless watery pale substance of alleged animal origin which, if you were blindfolded, you could not identify. The horrid bread and lettuce didn't help.

Yeah, I know. Shouldn't complain. Poor little Dutch American adults in Africa don't have it so good. They're starving! We should just ship it to them, they'll be ever so grateful, grow up to be big Dutch American adults in Africa.

Problem with that is that they'll have to acquire larger clogs, baggier trousers, and beadier necklaces. It will wreck the local economy. An entire finacial ecosystem exists to deal with little Dutch American adults in Africa. Maybe they're happy the way they are.
Best not mess with it.
Besides, the people in Marin probably love this stuff.
And we've seen what they're like.

Now, imagine sliced juicy charsiu, mustard greens, noodles, in a curry mushroom broth with fried shallots and green chilies. Much better. Very "not Marin". Home cooked dinner in SF.

Never had roast seagull. Is it good?

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