Sunday, April 17, 2022


A friend posted a video of Christians singing about Jesus during a plane flight. Where presumably the other passengers were normal people, who were subjected to this.

As a descendant of several generations of stubborn pissants, whose ancestral nation was A) sodden with religious nuts, B) fought the Spanish for eighty years (De Tachtig Jarige Oorlog), and C) someone who was told on a regular basis until I returned to the United States that I would burn in hell, this would make me incredibly unpleasant and Karen for the rest of that flight. I would probably be arrested upon landing, and I would certainly sue the airline and everybody I could afterwards.

Christians with guitars are a reason for war.

They should make me a Sunday school teacher. There is enough bloody psycho shiznit in 'the good book' that I could turn an entire village worth of little children off religion simply by reading aloud.

By the way: television preachers are thieves.
They should all be shot.

The war on Christmas starts with a single step.

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