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Several years ago The Two Ronnies (a British comedy duo into whom I never got ) did a skit featuring mispronunciation of common terms, involving a shopkeeper and a shifty foreigner.
I also have mispronounced things; there are many words one learns strictly from reading which are seldom, if ever, used in daily conversations.

Such as ninety percent of the significant vocabulary in an article about Black Water Fever (demam air hitam), a formerly much more common complication of long-term malarial infection characterised by acute intravascular haemolysis in consequence of sporadic use of quinine by residents of regions where plasmodium falciparum is endemic. Usually expats.

[The discovery of hydroxychloroquine (1934) and its introduction into standard medical practice (1947) lessened the incidence of blackwater fever considerably, but there are considerable contraindications to this and some similar medications, and because of the development of resistance to chloroquine there has been a resurgence.]

This is an excellent reason to avoid becoming a British or French expatriate in the tropics. Central Africa or Malaya, for instance. Also Mindanao and New Guinea.

You can sound even more gibberant if you use the Chinese terms, especially if you are not, in fact, Chinese. Trust me, people will look at you funny.


Acute renal failure: 急性腎損傷 ('gap sing san syün seung').
Acute tubular necrosis: 急性腎小管壞死 ('gap sing san siu kun waai sei').
Anemia: 貧血 ('pan huet').
Antibodies: 抗體 ('kong tai').
Bilirubin: 膽紅素 ('daam hong sou').
Candida albicans: 白色念珠菌 ('paak sik nim jyu kwan').
Cardiolipin: 心磷脂 ('sam leun ji').
Chloroquine: 氯化奎寧 ('luk faa kwai ning').
Cholecystitis: 膽囊炎 ('daam nong yim').
Cytomegalovirus: 巨細胞病毒屬 ('keui sai baau bing dok suk').
Dialysis: 透析 ('tou sik').
Epidemiology: 流行病學 ('lau haang bing hok').
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase: 葡萄糖-6-磷酸脫氫酶 ('pou tou tong lok luen suen tuet hing mui').
Halofantrine: 鹵泛群 ('lou faan kwan').
Hemoglobinuria: 血紅素尿症 ('huet hong sou niu jeng').
Hemolysis: 溶血反應 ('yong huet faan ying').
Hydroxychloroquine: 羥氯喹 ('keung luk fui').
Jaundice: 黃疸 ('wong taan').
Lactate dehydrogenase: 乳酸脫氫酶 ('yü suen tuet hing mui').
Leptospirosis: 鈎端螺旋體病 ('gau duen lo suen tai bing').
Leukocyte: 白細胞 ('baak sai baau').
Malaria: 瘧疾 ('yeuk jat').
Malarial hemoglobinuria: 瘧疾(的)血紅蛋白尿 ('yeuk jat dik huet hong daan baak niu').
Mefloquine: 美爾奎寧 ('mei yi kwai ning').
Plasmodium falciparum: 惡性瘧原蟲 ('ngok sing yeuk yuen chung').
Platelet: 血小板 ('huet siu paan').
Quinine: 奎寧 ('kwai ning').
Urinary tract infection: 泌尿道感染 ('bei niu dou gam yim').

Better stay away from the gin and tonic, old chap.
The gin pahit is also right out.

Anyhow, please study this list well (and there might be a test), as it will be absolutely so wonderful when everyone has these terms on their lips.

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