Thursday, April 14, 2022


Yesterday evening I finally became an adult; despite the temptation to do so, I did not start a nasty comment string that would turn into a bitch war on the internet. But lordy, I was tempted. And no, it was NOT about nostraticism. That too.

The other day I realized that I had no actual plans for when I turned adult.

A friend and I recalled two individuals we knew when we were in North Beach: Degenerate Dave and Drug-addict Dave. Both men are unquestionably adults, if only physically, who had made impressively bad life choices. We're okay with them not being regular presences, and it's not certain that the first mentioned is even still alive.

Of course, if he is, he's still an idiot.
And more repulsive than ever.

As I age, increasingly I take pleasure in not associating with very many people.
Loneliness is okay if it means less lunatics.

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