Wednesday, April 20, 2022


My mail today had a negative balance bill from the utility company as well as one from my medical insurance. Meaning no money is due, because I (deliberately) paid in excess.
I'm ahead of the game. There's buckets left over. Buckets.

This is a situation I wish to maintain.

Especially with the medical insurance, because it is becoming more and more painfully obvious that the peripheral angiloplasty of the lower extremities will be desirable.
Put differently: my legs hurt, and need a ream and clean.
A friend mentioned that his dad had it done and was much more energetic afterwards.
Which sounds altogether jolly nice.

That brings up, more or less, the subject of chicken legs.

Which to the great consternation of at least two people were entirely sold out at the lunch place. One of whom felt the need to holler across the dining room to a friend who had just arrived that "there is no chicken leg for you!".
A bit too much glee in his voice. And he felt the need to also impart data in Cantonese, just in case his buddy was unclear.


They're sold out ('gai keuk maai saai le wo') entirely! Oh woe, disaster, heartache! Despair, wail, gnash teeth, and wring hands. While he was carrying on I gazed fixedly at the back of the woman who I knew was eating the last of the pan-roasted legs. Her companion normally has a leg, but today he had ordered the fish (龍脷魚 'lung lei yü'), and now I knew why.
Very gentlemanly of him to do so.
I felt like telling the old geezer going on about the chicken leg 冇辦法,聽日早啲嚟 ('mou pan faa, teng yat jou di lai'; "well whatever, just come earlier tomorrow, eh"). But I am not that confident that my Cantonese or my snark will be easily understood at times, and simply mumbled it to myself with a poker expression on my face. I'm good at that.
Plus I'm white, so no one expects Canto input from me.
I'll just sit here looking inscrutable.

Next week I'll show up early and have a chicken leg.
They have a tendency to run out.

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