Thursday, April 28, 2022


Our politicians here in San Francisco are incredibly lucky. Their pet projects have in hardly any way benefitted the poorest among the residents, yet a paper-thin pretense of common cause still holds. And let's face it; the tourist industry, beloved by our civic leaders, as well as the dot com boom, which dominates Market Street and is a ridiculous cause of pride, do scant good among the poorer classes.

The hotel sector has taken the pandemic as a golden opportunity to trim staff and overwork whoever remains. The tech sector for twenty years hired yutzes from the Midwest and the East Coast instead of training locally, executive positions were filled with out-of-towners.

Housing has become virtually unaffordable even for the middle-class.

Nobody has burned this sh*tcan down. Yet.

Betcha the first time a strong-arm robber gets shot and killed by a desperate shopkeeper everyone will wail and moan "how could this happen?" As well as offer excuses for the poor benighted sector of whichever community the dead person came from, lamenting their lack of opportunity in a cold harsh universe that, remarkably, they themselves are uniquely qualified to address and demanding more money for a cosmetic pet project.

Then they'll boast about how much has been done.

When desperate to get re-elected.

The price of Molotov cocktails has gone up.
How effing lucky for us.

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