Thursday, April 28, 2022


India is experiencing record heat at present. If I were there, I would be dead. Or, best case scenario, in a hospital. One hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Last year, when it hit mid-nineties in the Bay Area I could not move. In San Francisco, air-conditioning is rare. Where I work the boss is extremely loathe to ever turn on the temperature controls.
In India there would probably be no air conditioning at work or at home.

Yes yes, sure, normal people can swelter a bit, no problem.
They aren't wussies. Just grin sweatily and bear it.

Blood pressure medications interfere with the body's ability to deal with extremes of heat and cold. What that really means is that I hate all you people who exclaim "oh what a beautiful day" while you luxuriate in your cargo shorts biking the trails of Marin and the East Bay.
As the mercury soars to hitherto unheard of heights.

Kindly go intercourse yourselves.

My ideal range is between fifty six degrees Fahrenheit and seventy four degrees.
I do not wish to hear about the beautiful weather.
Or your tan.
I need an electric ice cube.

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