Thursday, April 07, 2022


When I was out of the house for six hours yesterday, not enjoying the warm weather, among other things I had lunch. Then didn't do most of the tasks I had set for myself, because it was hotter than I expected and I wilt easily. For some reason probably related to the regulatory function of blood pressure meds my body does not deal well with heat.
I seldom sweat nowadays.

My perfect range of temperatures is between fifty eight degrees Fahrenheit and the very low seventies. California is, in some ways, a hell zone. And I can't wait till the San Francisco summer cold comes. That's partly because people dress funny. One thing I do not wish to see again is the Daisy Dukes that revealed a large part of a large person's sit-upon. Or the man naked from the pants up who should not have been naked from the pants up. Or the plumber's cleft of a heavy set Latina. Okay, that's three things. They're just the ones that come to mind, because it is hard to wipe the mind clean.

California is, in some ways, a hell zone.

My mind is quite accidentally dirty. Damned well polluted. I blame society.
There are very good reasons to wear sunglasses.
Likely you do not want to be recognized.
And I don't want to see things.

Being proud of your belly button piercing is understandable. And far be it from me to opine that that is one ugly dog of a belly button. I do not have any opinion of your belly button. It's monumental, but I'm keeping my mouth shut. I refuse to engage in belly button shaming.
Be empowered, little big ugly navel! I use "ugly' in a totally non-judgmental way.

Reminds me of an ashtray I once knew. That's a pipe rest, right?
I see someone already knocked their pipe out.
Dante wrote about this place.

Navels are in many ways quite fascinating.
Since an operation mine is rather ugly.
Even on hot days I keep it hidden.

There's an older gentleman in this neighborhood who on hot days sits on his front steps across the street wearing a Speedo.

California is, in some ways, a hell zone.

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