Wednesday, August 25, 2021


Judging by an article in SFGate, visitors to San Francisco are a bunch of real asshats: San Francisco hotel workers got cheated during the pandemic. Bad travelers are making it worse.
Well, we already knew that. They've been blisters for years.
Most of us wish they would stay home.

Having spent over a decade working part time at a restaurant near Union Square when I was younger, I have an extremely low regard for tourists. Many left horrible impressions of the places they hailed from. Consequently, whenever I've travelled, I've made it a point to be understanding and courteous, behave properly, and tip very well.

As one should. Which most Americans and Europeans don't.

At the restaurants to which I go regularly, staff welcome me. Because I'm patient, and generous with the gratuity. Which ensures that the next time I show up, they are glad to see me. For most restaurants, staff has been reduced because of the pandemic, the remaining employees must work harder and get more done. A tolerant, realistic attitude on the part of guests is required. Which means that sometimes you Yankees might have to wait a few minutes before you get that extra icecube for your co-cola, or another napkin because you dropped the first one.
Oh, and if you have several imaginary allergies, please don't come.
No one needs that precious attitude of yours.


What I had for lunch today was a mistake: 港式肉絲炒麵 ('gong sik yiuk si chaau min'; Hong Kong style fried noodle with pork). Shouldn't have ordered that. Too much, and really not very good. It's not something I'll order again. But I thoroughly enjoyed being there, the hot milk tea was wonderful, and there were no tourist at all. Mostly local elderly Cantonese.
I was the only non-Chinese person in the place.

It was lovely.

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