Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I recently watched an entire series of short entertaining videos published by the public health office in Hong Kong (衞生署衞生防護中心, CHP, Department of Health, HKSARG) strongly advocating colorectal screening.
It was very almost enchanting. Key take-away: watch your ass.

As you will readily understand, this was NOT what I was looking for.
Colorectal screening wasn't typed in the search field.
It was just a happy result.

Along with a biography of Teng Hsiao-ping (鄧小平) and stuff about cooking and the world's largest centipede, capable of injecting a whole cocktail of neurotoxins into its prey.

When at home I frequently turn to the internet for engaging sound clips while polishing or restoring smoking equipment. It's a good way of pacing the time taken by repetititve hand motion actions.


During the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, any medical attention and pipe stem polishing would certainly have been considered offensively bourgeois, and punishable with self-criticism and physical abuse by students. Having a screenable arse, any health at all, and old briars is, in the final analysis, as far from proletarian virtues as one can get.
Why, it's positively evil landlord capitalist exploitative.
Counter revolutionary.

Arseholes, solid medicine, Teng Hsiao-ping, and Western-influenced literati habits like pipe smoking, came back with the complete repudiation of the Gang of Four (四人幫) and the Cultural Revolution. America, of course, does not need a cultural revolution, as we are notoriously anti-science and opposed to critical reading skills in this country.
So it would very much be a complete waste of time.
We have no 臭老九 here.

The leap from colorectal screening to cultural revolution is quite logical.
It's a very natural sequence of synaptic fires.

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