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On Tuesday March 27, 2020, twenty seven Covid deaths were noted. As you know since then the numbers have gotten worse. Despite Trump. Despite Republican Party functionaries and their demands that Americans go about their daily lives without concern. Despite faith healers, evangelicals, and religious charlatans stating that faith and monetary contributions would carry us through.

Or bleach, hydroxychloroquine, and steroid inhalation.

In some ways it's been a bumpy and fascinating ride.
It's sixteen months later, and for the past few weeks there have regularly been news blips that state that some or other notorious rightwing vaccine-denying mask-burning crap for brains with thousands of loyal followers on his or her deathbed tearfully pleads for his or her fans to get the vaccine...... before croaking. Yet millions still refuse, ICUs are full, there is no more space at the children's hospital in Christian Arseville, Oklahoma, or wherever.

For sixteen months I've been updating this post:


Two lines added daily. Yesterday:
Sunday August 8, 11:54 PM
35,763,970 confirmed cases in the US. 616,829 deaths.

Less than twelve hours later it's up to 35,787,360 cases, and the death count is at 616,881. The Republicans, perhaps most notably Jared Kushner (and his college roommate), from all accounts used Covid 19 as a bio-weapon on the American people, believing that it would damage the Democrats more than the Red States. Which, initially, was correct -- the effects were at that time worse in urban areas and among minorities -- but unsurprisingly the fruit of their deliberate misinformation and sabotage are now uncontrollable surges in Republican strongholds.

"One of the things that the president’s great at is he’s a cheerleader. He’s trying to make people feel good about the outcome."

"We’ve now put out rules to get back to work. Trump’s now back in charge, it’s not the doctors."

------ Jared Kushner

Fox News hosts have, in that effort, been lethal in sowing misinformation and resistance. As you would expect. Because Fox News has never been bogged down by facts.

It isn't over. The rest of this year will be extremely grim.
More so for the unvaccinated "heartland".
The 'Freedums' demographic.

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