Thursday, August 05, 2021


The ten day bike rally in Sturgis starts this coming weekend. Over seven hundred thousand people are expected, crowding into drinking establishments, tattoo parlours, and burger joints, cheek to jowl, with virtually no masking, and not very much vaxxing. They're tough, they're all-American, they're risktakers and rebels, and they're potentially superspreaders of Delta bleeding back out into the rest of the country.

The event is a godsend for businesses in South Dakota.

Where less than half the population is vaccinated.

Sturgis or bust? How about 'Sturgis AND bust'?

At least the graphics that come out of this ought to be good. All sharp-edged and gothic, with striking colours. Horns, teeth, claws, wings, and spike proteins.

Great for the back of a motorcyle jacket.

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