Monday, August 02, 2021


At last the days of profligate facial nudity are over! The Bay Area mask mandate is back. And the severe disapproval-prone Calvinist inside me rejoices. Bitches!

The next step is carrying around a cattle prod for the idiots.
Which, because I don't have one, is not possible.
So a stout cudgel will have to do.

Actually it's a walking stick, but it has a head very well suited for bashing in brains and breaking bones, and it looks very old school. Uncompromising, and firm-jawed. Manly. Butch, even.
Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Sonoma, have now ordered that everyone wear masks indoors again because of the delta variant. Stats have also come out showing that in every age group, Caucasians are the least vaccinated segment.
To quote a very good friend: "stupid f**king white people!".

During my walks with a pipe today, I noted who was wearing a mask and who wasn't. As you would expect, the maskless people were overwhelmingly my fellow whites, by an almost unbelievably huuuuuuge margin.

Why ARE you folks letting the side down?

Is it the "mah freedums" thing?

Or are y'all just incredibly selfish and dumb?

Don't bother answering, because I don't really want to know. In lieu of a cattle prod, I might just purchase a bullwhip to deal with you morons when you venture within a body length. 


Remarkably, I've seen several parents with children far too young to be vaccinated, all of them without masks. They're probably thinking that if little Charlie and Suzette die of the plague it will save them heaps of money in the long run, but it's sad that innocent little kids will pay the price for their parents murderous slope-brow dumbass tendencies.

Won't have to pay for vocational school or remedial math and English.

Nor hock daddy's gun collection to pay for drugs.
Or wreck the hatchback.

Just use healing rocks. The top crystals for the immune system are: Bloodstone, Fluorite, Green Calcite, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, and Jasper. Stupid f**king white people.

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