Tuesday, August 31, 2021


That cheese I mentioned yesterday? Which my apartment mate brought home for me? Yeah, um, perhaps I should have had some right then. All I ate the whole day was a tiny chicken pie at a bakery while enjoying some milk tea. Which, in retrospect, is not a balanced meal.
My bloodsugar is feeling that right now.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who eat for entertainment, if they feel like it, and those who must have sustenance at regular intervals.
When I came home after wandering around Chinatown, my apartment mate was finishing a truly enormous bowl of noodle soup. So her bloodsugar level was in a happy place.

Not being a breakfast person, what I had before heading out into the wilds of Nob Hill earlier was, of course, a cup of coffee and the pills I take every morning (Atorvastatin, Metoprolol, Losartan, baby Aspirin, dietary supplements). A few months ago I switched taking Amlodipine Besylate to the evening, because it provides a more comfortable balance that way, no achy calves and a bounce in my step late in the afternoon. I twirled yesterday.

All of this is quite immaterial, and boring even.
For you, dear reader, it is meaningless.

My apartment mate gets really grumpy if she doesn't have something to eat when she needs it. Don't get in the way of her when she's heading into the kitchen. If I were a breakfast person, there would be trouble. She's in the kitchen right now fixing herself something, and if I did likewise I would be an obstacle.

While being totally serious about food, I am somewhat casual about it. Planning to head out for a bite later, but I haven't decided what, when, and where. I'm more likely to figure out which pipe to smoke afterwards.
Some pipe smokers tend towards neurotic obsession. While I've always liked the bent bulldog shape, some exemplars are not exceptionally well-thought out representatives of the type. There has to be a certain meatiness, otherwise it simply looks pedestrian.

Coupled with that, an appropriate tobacco blend.
With this shape, one must aim for gravitas.
Nothing silly or experimental.

Should I get off the bus at the top of the hill to have a small bowl while strolling down to Stockton Street? Will I hit up the instateller on Grant Avenue? Visit a bakery for a snack?
That might influence what I have for lunch. It could be a porkchop.
Or maybe something with bittermelon.
Should I bring a second pipe?

We are trim people. In her case, it's a high energy metabolism.
It's like living with a weasel or a meerkat.
I'm more like a slug.


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