Monday, August 09, 2021


On Friday, my coworker was looking forward to steak. It was going to be date night with his wife. Steak. Wonderful glorious steak! But instead, she wanted to play Nintendo, so they didn't have steak. Perhaps it was delivery pizza, they stayed home, she played Nintendo all night and he fell asleep early. Saturday morning he was looking forward to steak, but his brother called and wanted udon for dinner, so date night was in Japantown, four people on a double date, and no steak. The udon was pretty good, he enjoyed it, but obviously it wasn't steak. I don't see why you can't have both, but, apparently that's against the law or something. No steak. Sunday afternoon his mom called. She and dad would pick up his wife, he should meet them in Sausalito, and there would be steak. So I believe he had steak for dinner.

I, on the other hand, had one piece seui-si gai yick (瑞士雞翼), some rice, and half a pack of cookies for dinner. Even less balanced than steak. Followed by a nap.

I like the concept of "date night". Apparently it's what couples "do" these days. It sounds sweet. But I don't know if 'steak' is a regular part of it, and I'm of the generation that didn't play nintendo in any case, so I'm behind the curve on this.

Well, I'm also not romantically involved with anyone, nor married, so steak and nintendo are not a regular note of comfort.

When I still was in a relationship, steamed oysters or a slice of Pie à la Mode with a cup of coffee were sometimes part of the plan. And maybe a movie. But I'm willing to expand my horizons and change with the times. A moot point, but it's the thought that counts, even though I'm not seeing anyone, and am myself not pursued.

Double date, udon, and nintendo are not active concepts in my life. He had 'curry udon'.

Curry udon: a total paradigm.
Awesome, man.

They were artificially flavoured banana cream cookies.
My digestion feels a little stressed at present.
It was probably wishful thinking eating.
I'll probably not buy those again.
They weren't very good.

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