Friday, August 06, 2021


The last two days have been a little colder than I expected. Consequently I was underdressed. If you expected me to gaily waltz around in a teeshirt and cargo pants you would have been disappointed -- slacks, plaid shirt, and a coat with pockets -- but I really needed a sweater. Elsewhere it was, apparently, hotter than blazes, with hillsides burning up.
Sofar the fog has spared us any effects of the recent fires.
This weather slows my blood, I feel like a lizard whose electric rock has failed.

While not wanting to go back, as my tolerance for extremes has diminished somewhat, the San Francisco climate does remind me of other places.

The problem with forest fires is that when the trees are gone, the rainy season leads to flash floods further down, walls of water and debris roaring through narrow aroyos. What we call a bandjir. Which is why you should not use the riverbed as a path through the wilderness, as water will be upon you before you hear the noise.

A common problem for prospectors in the Old West and Dutchmen in Borneo.

This summer is proving mighty educational.

Winter should be also.

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