Friday, August 20, 2021


Why is it that potato chips, when you open the bag, smell like ass? Won't mention the brand, but cool ranch in particular whiffs that way. Sometimes, like with durian, you just have to sniff the other way when eating them. The chips taste better than the bag smells.

Potato chips, as everyone knows, are more nutritious than breakfast cereals. Have them with cheese, fruit, and a cup of coffee for a delicious and balanced meal.

That's probably the last dietary advice I'll give for a while.

In the days when I still indulged in breakfast (my teenage years), it was most often two cups of strong Dutch coffee, some buttered toast with marmalade, reading the newspapers, and heading out afterwards for a pipe full of tobacco.
Splendid for the digestion, that.

The Volkskrant has probably gotten better since then, as has the Endhovens Dagblad. Both newspapers are, remarkably, unavailable in San Francisco. What we have instead is the San Francisco Chronicle. Which is hardly the same. Coffee still has to be made at home, however, because the nearest coffee places are a donut place (faugh!) and a Starbucks (ick poo!). There is imported marmalade, praise be, but I've lost the taste for solids in the morning.
Two cups of coffee, internet news, and a smoke.

My apartment mate, on the other hand ......

I think this morning she had ice cream.
On top of a toasty apple turnover.
And something crunchy.

We live like bachelors. Or college students.

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