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Today I have an appointment for lower arterial doppler sonography on my right leg. Which will determine whether we send a balloon up into that limb to rotorooter it proper and thus improve circulation. The left leg also, but it is less problematic. Naturally I looked this up on the internet. The Wikipedia article was fascinating, as was the PDF on the site by Ji Young Hwang. Seeing as ninety percent of the people I deal with in pursuit of health are Chinese Americans, and a larger percentage of the folks working at places where I go for lunch afterwards likewise -- the latter often English not so good -- of course I tried to find out what all this might be called in Cantonese.

In pursuit of that data I came across this lovely and instructive video.



This clip shows an individual (male) in a hospital setting, communicating with medical professionals. It is very inspiring.


So far it looks like doppler sonography may be 醫學超音波檢查 ('yi-hok chiu-yam-po gim-chaa'; "medical ultrasound waves examination"), and specifying the lower artery makes it 下動脈醫學超音波檢查 ('haa dung-mak yi-hok chiu-yam-po gim-chaa').

Aternatively, 動脈超聲檢查 ('dung mak chiu-seng gim chaa'; "artery super-sound inspection").

I strongly suspect that if I say to the receptionist "ah gu neung, ngo yau go yi hok chiu yam po gim chaa yiu yeuk" (哦姑娘,我有個超音波檢查預約), she will look at me like I came from outer space. Which perhaps I did.

Lunch in Chinatown afterwards, followed by a relaxing smoke.
I've already got the pipes picked out for that.

The turkey vulture is suggesting that I bring him along to the hospital, so that he can visit the morgue for a delicious corpsie-corpse, as surely the hospital must be flowing over with them. He really doesn't ask for much. Just think of him as a "clean-up specialist".


A balloon catheter, for dealing with any blockages, is a 球囊導管 ('kau nong dou gun'). Such a device widens narrow openings or passage ways in the body. It may be the end result of all this. And if it is, I still won't help the turkey vulture snatch body parts.

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