Friday, August 27, 2021


Perhaps the most quintessential Chinatown meal is a porkchop something over rice. Certainly my apartment mate -- than whom one cannot get any more C'town -- has a deepseated thing for them; they are a comfort breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But she rarely has them, because she also likes chicken and fish. Which are also very Chinatown. Along with several other things.

But a porkchop really says "this is mine, go away, I'm treating myself".

It's also very Shanhainese Hong Kong. Porkchop noodles.
As well as fast happy food: porkchop in a bun.

A place where I had not been for well-over a year is open for lunch again. The walls have been painted, the floor renewed (old carpet ripped up, new surface), but the same people, same food, same old-timey ambiance. Even the same regulars, who recognized me.

They're two doors down from another porkchop place. And two blocks away through alleys from a third, which will take you past a fourth and a fifth.

They all also do other things, of course, but I associate them with porkchops.

Life looks like life will be good again.

P.S.: A favourite roast duck restaurant is back in business too.

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