Tuesday, August 17, 2021


To my great surprise I have received seven new messages in an account I do not even own, per some internet romance site's informative e-mail. It is likely that they are an arm of another site to which I also do not subscribe, which tells me that beautiful women seek older men.
All I can think is that someone told them I was middle-aged and single.

I am middle-aged and single.

Both of those, either by themselves or in combination, are quite normal. Many people experience these things. Trust me.

Singletude can be experienced at all ages, and middle-age goes well with any relationship status.

At least once or twice a week I check my regular e-mail account, where I found the two e-mails mentioned above in the "promos" folder. Other than the subject line, I don't know what's in them. They are now in the trash bin. I learned long ago that there is no reversal of middle-age, and my ideas about "beautiful women" are not standard: if there is abundant evidence of a sense of humour and a keen intelligence, she's beautiful.

There are already a number of beautiful women in my life, but they are not involved in any romantic relationships with me. So the subject line "Find your soulmate - beautiful women seek older men" really should have said: "Find someone with whom to share hot beverages - solvers of crossword puzzles and aficionados of bad puns might be an attractive choice (and in any case there will be lively conversation)". My interest would have been sparked.

There is no cure for middle age.

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