Sunday, August 29, 2021


My apartment mate has three sisters-in-law. I'm glad that I do not have any Chinese American sisters-in-law. Or actually any in-laws. Dutch Americans (like myself) are also complicated, but not nearly as complicated as Chinese Americans. Which my apartment mate is.

Chinese family matters require eating together.
As well as waging war.

I haven't been a social eater since leaving the computer company years ago. I like eating with other people, but it's a rare occurence. Eating with in-laws might be excruciating.

And I must mention that I've heard there's a church out there with women in bikinis handing out disapproving literature. Which sounds precisely like the kind of crazy shiznit that my people would do. "How do we make all these heretics take our angry pamflets?" "Let's have the ladies of the choir wear bikinis and hand them out! Everybody likes bikinis, right?" "Great idea!"

Beware dour judgemental temptresses!

The other problem with my kind of people and their churches is that people hitch-up within their faith. It's a strong social imperative. I'm neither religious, nor crazy, so that wouldn't work for me. See aforementioned dour judgemental temptresses. Mostly a Dutch thing.

Women in bikinis with meanspirited printed matter?

The way of the lord is NOT bait and switch!

Thank g-d we don't do lutefisk church suppers.

But I strongly believe that Chinese American sisters-in-law could benefit immensely from such Scandinavian delicacies. Glue-slimy fish stuff. With boiled potatoes. A sacramental dish.
Oh boy. Soothes the savage beast. Even a Chinese American female.

I look forward to feeding someone lutefisk sometime.

This could be highly educational.

An awesome experience.

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