Monday, August 16, 2021


Chomp. No it wasn't. I thought I had ordered the fish cutlet on a bun with fries, but what came was pork chop on a bun with fries. Not what I wanted, but nevertheless delicious. And unless the food is inedible, I shall not send plates back. I have no neurotic food hang-ups. Besides, it makes as much sense to assume that she misheard as that I mis-spoke.

Chyu paai versus yü paai (豬排 / 魚排).

['jaa yü paai baau tung syu tiu, deui jaa jyu paai baau tung syu tiu']

Or we could assume neither eventuality, seeing as I overheard the waitress remarking to a colleague that I was more intelligible and easier to understand than Toishanese speakers. Mistakes happen. I'll blame mask-mumble.

Anyway, I was glad to be there. Second time since California re-opened, and it used to be a favourite haunt before the pandemic. They now have reduced staff, also a reduced sit down customer load, but they're working like topsy and doing a good take-out business. So I think and fervently hope they'll survive. Better times will come.
Long smoke afterwards on the edge of Portsmouth Square. Sunny day, not hot. Windy. Far too many tourists in the city, but largely they don't stumble past here, being much more evident up on Grant Avenue and on Stockton.

The slightly naughty lingerie place opposite the square is boarded up, and I hope they survive too, as the mannequins tarted up in skimpies are, in a way, rather pleasing. There's a visual thing there. Death-white plastic figurines, with grape purple lace whatsits.

No, I have no intention of placing an illustration of that here.
These things are strictly on a need to know basis.
And the interwebs do not need to know.
Actually, neither do I.

Sorry, the only visual frisson you'll get here today is that picture of a fine briar, Canadian shape, that speaks of a bygone era (fities or sixties) and its self-confident aesthetics and values.
A lovely smoke. Fragrant resinous wisps in late afternoon sunlight.
A walk down an alley, terminating on Montgomery.
Long shadows, bright reflections.
Very enjoyable.


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