Friday, August 13, 2021


Florida, Mississippi, and Texas have situations where medical care is breaking down, due to the rising number of covid cases and the ICUs being full. Meanwhile, in Ohio, Missouri, and Tennessee, rightwingers are loosing their minds over mask mandates. As a resident of San Francisco, California, I have given up giving a damn about idiots. Five of my friends, all of them vaccinated, caught break-through covid from unmasked hosebags, and every day I see people without masks, mostly tourists, blithely wandering around with their at-risk infants and kids, entirely social undistanced and unmasked.

So from my point of view, it's perfectly okay if the idiots in the great American outback keep catching covid and dying. Really, it's fine. There are too many of them, they're dumb as fenceposts, and they are using up valuable resources.

I also know several anti-vaxxers.
They're expendable.

The silver lining, and it's absolutely enormous, is that after this is over, real estate prices will drop, the collectibles market will be wide open again, the bison can return in vast herds thundering in the new empty zones, and gas prices will go lower than ever.

Florida will revert to swamp, Texas will have a higher average IQ than now, and Mississippi will be desperate for canned luncheon meat and ramen noodles.

The economic opportunities will make us all rich.

Now if only we could get rid of the damned tourists and Karens, things would be perfect.

There is NO point in sending any more vaccines to several places.
They'll just go to waste.

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