Thursday, August 12, 2021


It ought to be obvious by now that anti-science morons are loud, obnoxious, and determined to spread disease. There was a strident protest against masks Tuesday night at a school board meeting in Williamson County, Tennessee, and a frenzied mob nearly lynched the experts advocating for a mask mandate. One nutball asserted that there was no pandemic, while others also not wearing masks yelled their opposition and savagely threatened people who advocated common sense. This in a school district where Covid is already rife.

Basically, it was a mass spreader event.
With "freedums", and hysteria.

That's Williamson County, Tennessee. Which is the science heart of the Nashville-Davidson - Murfreesboro - Franklin, TN Metropolitan Statistical Area. A veritable paradise.

People probably lick doorknobs there.

Fortunately for us, they are over two thousand miles away. While they are no doubt as civilized as you would expect for that part of the world, that's setting the bar perhaps unreasonably low, darn near rock bottom. But you hardly can't get any lower than them there folks.

Any further down and they'd have to cut back on the alphabet. Only twenty letters. A nice round number. Easy to remember. And no more Arabic numerals! If Roman numerals were good enough for Jesus, they're good enough for everybody! Pi is three.

I'm sure they're all mighty fine people. Just ignore all those reports of cannibalism and incest.
Probably only a few families, hallowed pre-civil war traditions and all that.

The biggest hospital in that foetid neck of the woods is the Williamson Medical Center at 4321 Carothers Parkway, in Franklin. An excellent place. Experienced vaccinators and intubators.

For tourism in the years to come, keep August 10 in mind. Future annual celebration of 'Freedom Day' in Williamson County, Tennessee. Fun for the entire family.
Sorry, that's 'Freedums' Day.
My bad.

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Anonymous said...

No, it is not "freedum". The correct noun is "freedumb", a word I just heard a few days ago from an IRS Appeals Officer with whom I negotiating a simple case turned immensely difficult by IRS incompetence. She loathes anti-vaxxers almost as much as we do.

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