Wednesday, August 04, 2021


Today is when I have a complete physical down at the clinic. Which will establish THREE things: Am I human? Do I breathe? Does Kryptonite have any effect on me? Either that or did the five-G nanochip implant work and can Bill Gates now track my buying habits. Because they're going to take blood, I've fasted for eight to ten hours before hand. So no coffee for several more hours. Foregoing breakfast is easy, but not having a cup of Joe to get the synapses firing correctly is hard.
No mention of tobacco and smoking, however. So that will have to do, for the time being. Everyone enjoys a pipe-full before they go to the clinic. Men, women, children, pregnant mothers, and elderly doddering fossils on the cusp of croaking.
Even Vegans and other stuffy puritans.

I normally think unChristian thoughts toward other people on the street when out for a morning smoke. And that's with coffee in the system.

This should be interesting.

It's a test.

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