Tuesday, August 10, 2021


Like most people with at least half a functioning brain, I follow the news. Not Fox, or the right wing blather sites, but the news. Which tells me, more or less, that not being prone to depression is a jolly good thing.

Three things:

1) Michael James Lindell is out of his mind.
2) Andrew Cuomo is quite detestable.
3) Trials in China are rigged.

No, none of these things would induce psychological darkness, no matter how liable and fragile you are, unless you are Canadian or Minnesotan, but they do rather indicate that the world is not as it should be, and that hair dye is a horrible thing.

Mike Lindell should get a new barber. Seriously. Or fire his make-up team.

Slightly different subject:
While at work a few days ago I got to listen in for a while to the opinionated boys in the back room discussing things, which was amusing in a clinical sort of way, as several of them are not moored in reality, and with one exception they're right-wing hosebags. The two Jews, btw, are Neo-Nazi sympathizers. Unwittingly, but thoroughly.

Marin is the heartland of entitled turddom.

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