Tuesday, August 10, 2021


As you would expect by now, if you've been reading this blog fairly regularly, all the Chinese people on the streets in Chinatown were either smokers or wore masks. The smokers largely gave wide berths to others, and stayed out of everyone's way. The white people, who were probably tourists, showed every indication of not knowing how masks work, and that they wished to catch something fatal themselves or gaily spread it to others.

You could even figure out which white children were expendable.

No masks, rambunctious, in crowded places.

It's something I can very well understand. It's all about 'Freedums', and both childcare and later college are hideously expensive. So getting rid of them early means one can purchase not only a gameboy, but also a new car, and possibly even a house. Extra beers in any case.

Kids whom one likes, and who might get into college, are worth keeping.

Away from busy streets, and fully masked.

I do not have children. I actually like the little blighters. Especially if they are small, bright, and well-behaved. So I look forward to the pandemic eventually being over, and little groups of them re-appearing.
In the meantime, I'll take satisfaction in keeping out of the way of others while smoking my pipe, and giving wide berths to people. Most especially children under twelve.
It seems the responsible thing to do.


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