Sunday, June 20, 2021


Now that the white folks have discovered Juneteenth, it's only a matter of time before they cheapen it. It will become a generic holiday celebrated like so many others with stereotypic foods and lots of brewskis.

Saint Patrick's Day? Bad boiled pickled beef, green vegetable sludge, brewskis.
And people dressed up like leprechauns from the old country.
As well as talking funny.

Cinco De Mayo? Hamburger helper tacos, processed cheese, and brewskis.
Also people dressed as serape & sombrero desperados.
Plus talking funny.

Chinese New Year? Sweet 'n sour pork, frozen eggrolls, brewskis.
It is time to put on your polyester kung fu outfits!
And talk funny.

You can see where this is heading, can't you?
Something something something, brewskis.

Really watery "beer"

It's not just "ethnic" holidays, it's every single holiday in America. Presidents' day? Brewskis. July Fourth? Brewskis. Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day? Brewskis.
Often with silly clothes, peculiar edibles, and domestic disharmony.

Plus, probably, a ball game.

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