Wednesday, June 02, 2021


Got to snack inside for the first time in a long while. I stopped by a bakery on Stockton Street to buy some pastries to give to the downstairs lady (our landlady, a very nice person). A few flaky barbecue turnovers (叉燒酥 'chaa siu sou') and long soft scallion rolls (葱油條 'chung yau tiu'). Only a few people sitting down, so I asked if it was okay to stay awhile. Result: hot cup of milk tea (奶茶 'naai chaa') and a ham and cheese bun (火腿芝士包 'fo teui ji si baau').
I spent a comfortable half hour or so inside.

Followed, naturally, by an amble and a smoke.
Pipe I've had for quite a while, often smoked in Chinatown during the
last two years before surgery, when my health had really gone to hell.

Chinatown is more crowded than before. More people out. Also more tourists, many of them without masks. You have watch out for white people without masks, they are quite unconcerned with the spread of disease, and seemingly rather moronic.

The virus is still raging full tilt among the unvaxxed, and there are counties in rural Northern California that are as vaccine hesitant as the Republican swamps. Trump and his stooges have a lot to answer for. And there will be many more dead. Among the unvaccinated.

Not that I am particularly concerned with those people, as they have only themselves to blame, but a fellow with whom I must associate on a fairly regular basis is quite convinced that there is a nanochip in the vaccine, and he's seventy five years old, so almost certainly a soon goner.
He's a complete staggering idiot, but I'll be sad to see him croak.

Plus there are children as well as the not fully vaccinated.

The unmasked are idiots. Selfish homicidal idiots.

Most murderers don't plan their crimes.
They just let them happen.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my tea-time snack, and I got to say 'hi' to several people I know.
They've had a tough year. But they've survived. I'm keen to see who else is still around.

There is a semblance of a gradual return to normal life.

A meander line is a survey line based on a river, that changes if the river alters course, meaning that there may be a natural transformation of the boundaries.
Sedimentation OR erosion changes matters.

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